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Multi Tenant Operator

By Stakater AB

Certified enterprise ready

Enables OpenShift and Kubernetes cluster administrators to host multiple tenants in a single cluster. Multi-tenancy enables efficient resource use, less configuration effort and easier sharing of cluster-internal resources.

Runs on

OpenShift 4.12+

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Provides smart management of OpenShift clusters across tenants. UI for high usability. Showback functionality for resource management. Share a cluster across teams, groups, or departments and save operational efforts. Manage namespaces and isolate them at team or user level. Configure RBAC with a "least privilege" policy. Define policies to self-manage namespaces, quotas, resources, groups, and limit ranges.


Host multiple tenants in a single OpenShift cluster


Extends the tenants permission model to Hashicorp Vault and Argo CD

UI Console

Provides an intuitive and user-friendly UI to manage tenants and their resources

Resource management

Extends the idea of Quota from OpenShift which helps define the limits and requests on resource consumption

Resource distribution

Simplifies namespace provisioning with Templates, TemplateInstances, and TemplateGroupInstances for Kubernetes manifests, Helm charts, secrets, and ConfigMaps


Save resources on the cluster by scaling down pods according to needs

Development Sandboxes

Enables use of namespaces as independent development sandboxes

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Unlimited number of tenants

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