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MultiLine by Movius allows users to call, text, or send WhatsApp messages on a secure, dedicated business number. Our user-friendly apps work on smartphone, desktop, or directly inside Salesforce.

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MultiLine apps provide users a separate business number for all work calls, texts, voicemail, and contacts on their smart phone. Most organizations choose us because they want to provide you a separate business identity on your phone. You'll be able to do all your work calling and messaging on a separate phone number, so you can keep your personal one private.

Call and text clients through secure, business number

Two lines of communication on the same device for personal and business use. All information is kept separate through the MultiLine application.

Any device, carrier, connection type (Wi-Fi, Data, GSM)

Easily adaptable to any form of connectivity ensuring you have the direct use of MultiLine whereever and however you need it.

Built-in voice recording and text capture

Keep your data saved and secure for future use.

Storage of recorded data for regulatory reporting

Stay compliant with all industry requirements in business communication.

Integrations with EMM, CRM, and Archival providers

Tools for instant provisioning, reporting, & management

Extend more value and meaning on business communications