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Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations - KAOps - Platform as a Service

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Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations - KAOps - Platform as a Service

By Nethopper

Certified enterprise ready is pioneering KAOps, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps, with the mission of making Cloud Native applications easy to configure and operate across hybrid, edge, and multiple clusters and clouds.

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OpenShift 4.7+

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Nethopper’s KAOps is a supported software stack that runs on top of Kubernetes infrastructure to help deliver, upgrade, monitor, secure, and connect applications. KAOps' innovative approach seamlessly integrates best-of-breed open-source tools, like Kubernetes packagers, observability, continuous delivery, security (service mesh), and multi-cloud networking. And it's all supported by Red Hat.

Multi-Cluster ArgoCD GitOps

Nethopper’s ArgoCD GitOps enables application operations teams to handle the application operations as code in a Git version control system. A software agent ensures the deployed state of an application matches the desired state, as declared in the configuration files in Git. And it also makes application and lifecycle deployment automated, auditable, and easy to understand.

Multi-Cloud/Cluster Application Networking

Expose pods/deployments from one cloud to another without all of the complexity of service meshes, ingresses, and network router firewall changes? With nethopper, it is so simple, and only takes a few clicks. Just 'expose' a deployment (same as creating a service), and check the box to make it multicloud. Now, which ever clouds you distribute that service to, you'll be able to access those deployments. Now, all your clouds and datacenters are connected, in one big secure multicloud cloud.

Multi-Cloud Global Service Load Balancing

When you use a cloud load balancer to expose a Kubernetes service, it only does LOCAL load balancing between the pods in the local cluster. Nethopper built-in Multi-Cloud services are GLOBALLY load balanced, meaning that service connection request from ANY cloud you choose are distributed across ALL the deployed pods in ALL your clusters. Global load balancing is a better than local load balancing, as it provides protection against cluster and cloud failure.

Centralized Application Microservice/Container Control

Whether you have 2 clouds or 2000, you can store and manage all your Kubernetes objects centrally with Nethopper, and then distribute them to whichever clouds you like with a simple policy. No more switching between 100s of Kubectl terminals, and hoping that all your clouds are configured and operating properly. Nethopper lets you manage and upgrade 100s of clouds from a single console, with a simple object and cloud tagging policy engine.

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