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NeuVector Full Lifecycle Container Security

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NeuVector Full Lifecycle Container Security

By NeuVector by SUSE

Certified enterprise ready

Offers the only cloud-native Kubernetes security platform delivering uncompromising end-to-end protection from DevOps vulnerability protection to automated run-time security, and featuring a true Layer 7 container firewall.

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Container-based environments, operating at highly automated scale, leave DevOps and security teams blind to attacks in east-west traffic and with zero network visibility. NeuVector delivers protection without compromise, from Dev to production, with automated security for Kubernetes and OpenShift and the only container firewall with packet-level interrogation and enforcement.

Container Firewall

Detect and mitigate application threats with Layer 7 network inspection. Application level attacks such as DDoS and DNS on containers are detected and prevented. Real-time detection and alerting adds a layer of network security to the dynamic container environment. Protects containers against attacks from internal and external networks. Prevent data stealing attacks which use DNS and ICMP tunneling techniques. Automatically captures packet used in an attack.

Workload Protection

NeuVector discovers the normal behavior of container processes, file system, and network activity and automatically builds a security policy to protect container based services. Using Layer 7 network inspection, unauthorized connections between containers or from external networks can be blocked without disrupting normal container sessions.

Vulnerability Scanning and Compliance Management

NeuVector automates security for the entire CI/CD pipeline, from Build to Ship to Run. Use the Jenkins plug-in to scan during build, monitor images in registries and run automated tests for security compliance. Prevent deployment of vulnerable images with admission control, but also monitor production containers. Run-time vulnerability scanning for containers, hosts, and orchestration platforms. Audits host and container security with Docker Bench and Kubernetes CIS Benchmark for security tests.

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Production node license

Up to 4 vCPU nodes

Supports Ubuntu, CentOS/Red Hat; including all RHEL versions (6/7/8)

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