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NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop and CRM

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NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop logo

NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop and CRM

By NexJ Systems a business unit of N Harris Computer Corporation

Most advisors need to juggle multiple applications to properly service a single customer. Advisor productivity and client experience suffer as individual tasks take longer to perform and mistakes are made. Advisors need a consolidated view of their customers with embedded tools and not just links to other applications. This is where an Integrated Advisor Desktop can make all the difference.

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UBS, Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse rely on NexJ to empower advisors to leverage enterprise data and applications to better understand, sell to and service their customers. Built specifically for Wealth Management, NexJ combines best-of-breed CRM with customer-centric workflows into a single application. With NexJ, advisors maximize the value of their relationships and increase client retention. Firms love the solution so much that they use it to attract & retain advisors.

Deliver holistic client recommended actions

Ensure fewer, more comprehensive interactions with clients

Prioritize clients that require extra attention

Drive recommended actions for clients based on book segmentation and service levels

Engage with clients at the right time

Guide advisors to connect with clients at the most valuable moments


Deliver relevant, timely content and information

Automate capture of important relationship information

Discover important information from unstructured data and automatically update client profiles

Align Engagement approach to the client profile

Tailor engagement by creating a deeper understanding of client profile & needs