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Nexus Repository Pro with 24 x 7 Support

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Know what's inside your software with Nexus Repository - the world's best way to organize, store, and distribute software components and container images.

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OpenShift 4.2

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Today, more than 25,000 new or updated open source releases are being made available to developers every day. The flow of these components into and through an organization creates a complex software supply chain that can negatively impact speed, efficiency, and quality if not properly managed. Nexus Repository Pro serves as the universal local warehouse to efficiently manage and distribute component parts, assemblies, and finished goods across your entire software supply chain.

Universal Support for All Popular Build Formats

Store and distribute Maven/Java, npm, NuGet, Helm, Docker, P2, OBR, Apt, GO, R, Conan components and more. Advanced support for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ecosystem including Gradle, Ant, Maven, and Ivy. Compatible with popular tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Docker, and more.

Enterprise Control of Binaries and Build Artifacts

Deliver innovation with 24/7/365 high availability. A single source of truth for components and deliverables used across the entire software development lifecycle from construct to production. Easily integrate with existing user and access provisioning systems including LDAP, Atlassian Crowd and more. SAML/SSO authentication for enhanced security and single siign-on.

See the Health of Your Software Supply Chain

Repository Health Check (RHC) provides up-to-date component intelligence, so your teams make informed decisions early on. View components in need of remediation, prioritized by the severity of vulnerability. Easily avoid known security and license issues for Maven/Java, npm, NuGet, and PyPI components.

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Enterprise Control of Binaries and Build Artifacts

Empower Developers to use safer components

SAML/SSO Authentication for Enhanced Security and Single Sign-on

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