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By Ondat

Certified enterprise ready

Cloud-native, software-defined storage that facilitates running databases, message queues, and other stateful workloads in Kubernetes when rapid recovery and fault tolerance are essential.

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OpenShift 4.2+

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Provision persistent volumes that can be mounted into containers, allowing you to run stateful workloads on OpenShift. Our deterministic performance makes us particularly suitable for databases and message queues. We offer several features that can be enabled per-volume, including synchronous replication for data integrity, and encryption at rest to protect data. Data locality automatically co-locates pods with the volumes they rely on, providing improved performance.

Unmatched performance

Ondat runs applications up to 15 times faster than any other storage provider on the market, giving industry leading performance and low latency for your stateful applications.

Reliability & Scalability

Delta Sync reduces the time to recovery allowing rapid cluster convergence by only replicating the missed data to the node. Synchronous replication for high availability enables quick recovery of applications and databases. Volumes are accessible across the entire cluster providing high availability, durability, and consistency of application data.


Installs anywhere on-premises, bare metal, VMs, or in the cloud, supporting native integration with containers, Kubernetes and CSI. Deployed as a container, all data services are optimized and integrated inline to the Ondat data plane ensuring the lowest resource overhead and low latency performance. The Ondat container runs like any other application, with no dependencies on proprietary kernels, storage protocols or other layered services.


CLI – open source CLI to manage cluster-wide configuration. GUI – visualize the storage environment with the Ondat GUI for ease of use. RESTful API – HTTP API used for managing volumes and Ondat services.


Log streams for observability and Prometheus for instrumentation.

Ease of use

The operator makes it easy to install. Simply provision volumes and connect them to applications, enabling self-service automation for your volumes – cloud-native storage has never been so easy!


Dynamically provision self-service storage using Kubernetes CSI, Storage Classes and Persistent Volumes Claims. Declarative configuration makes life simple for engineers.


Security at every layer of the stack with automated certificate management, secure endpoints and encryption of data between nodes. Keys are unique per volume and stored as Kubernetes secrets.

Pricing summary

Plans starting at

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$250 per node per year

Unlimited clusters

Unlimited nodes

20 TiB usable capacity per cluster

Rolling upgrade support

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