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OL Hub enables enterprises to build, automate, and manage legacy integrations all in one place – in a tested, searchable, and language-agnostic catalog, available for easy reuse, and ready for deployment in any standard environment.

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OpenShift 4.8+

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OL Hub, a powerful integration platform, enables enterprises to generate and manage integrations to legacy systems - available for reuse and deployment in any modern system design. You can generate services in various languages and extend functionality by combining legacy assets, data or logic, with orchestration. Service generation can be in low code, no-code, or full code. Deployment can be microservices, serverless functions, or other configurations.

Automated fetch and parsing of legacy assets

Quickly create a digital assets inside a repository powered by continuous, automated testing

Accelerate development and time-to-market

Create fully reusable “modules,” with automated templating, and built-in cloud deployments

Flexible digital service creation

You can create services that generate in full code, low code and no code formats in multiple languages and as microservices, serverless functions or other options

Manage legacy assets

Allow for easy reusability, visibility and impact analysis of all assets for use in digital workflows

Extend existing functionality

Increase functionality of existing systems by refactoring workflows. Build them into your current digital infrastructure

Untangle monolithic systems

Automate the consumption and testing of legacy assets continuously by using a powerful CLI

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Experience the ease and speed of generating digital services from legacy assets (unlimited assets)

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