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OpenVINO Pro for Enterprise

By Intel

Certified enterprise ready

Accelerate development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning inference on Intel® technology-based platforms. OpenVINO™ Pro for Enterprise offers support, added services, and exclusive access to future code releases.

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OpenShift 4.2+

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OpenVINO™ Pro for Enterprise is a complete toolkit for developing AI on Intel® hardware, with proactive enterprise services, business-class support, and exclusive code releases. This professional toolkit optimizes and converts deep learning models into high-performance inference engines that can scale automatically to thousands of nodes with Red Hat OpenShift. Improve performance and availability at low cost and help meet security and compliance requirements while accelerating time to value.

OpenVINO Model Server - High Availability & Enterprise Scale

Model Server detects new model versions added to the remote or local model repository and monitors configuration changes. All updates in served models are applied in runtime without interrupting the service. This allows hot swapping of new models into production or updating versions of existing models. Server models are trained in popular formats such as Caffe, TensorFlow, MXNet and PyTorch/ONNX. Server directly models in OpenVINO Intermediate Representation or ONNX format.

Enterprise Lifecycle Services - Accelerate Business Outcomes

Address the evolving needs of your complex business and technology environment with services for the lifecycle of your AI applications, from pre-deployment planning to building and operations. Accelerate your innovation using expertise from Intel and our Partners for the entire solution lifecycle including, solution definition, detailed design, application development, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and ongoing improvements.

Software Updates and Enterprise-class Support

Get access to Intel’s 24x7 multi-channel technical support to ensure high availability of your applications. Production releases are supported with bug-fixes, security, and compatibility updates for 3-years from first release.

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Software lifecycle support for up to 3 years

No lock-in period - monthly subscriptions

Proactive Life Cycle Services from Intel and 24x7 Enterprise Technical Services

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