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Orson - Test Data Orchestrator

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Orson - Test Data Orchestrator

By Left Shift IT Ltd

Generate test coverage & data requirements automatically from business rules, Automatically Mine matching Test Data, Auto-populate datasheets & test scripts, Feed data to any test execution tool or manual tests. Reduce manual effort in test by 50%.

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Generate test coverage automatically from business rules. Generate test data requirements automatically from specs. Generate both of the above as a 'Coverage Matrix' Mine data automatically from SORs using Coverage Matrix as selection criteria. Generate Test Input Data & Expected Results on demand Auto-populate data sheets and / or test scripts with executable data Generate executable tests in test tools & frameworks Automate and orchestrate Test Preparation & Test Data Management

Calculate Test Data Coverage from Business Rules - Automated

With Orson TDO you can calculate your Test Data Coverage (which permutations you need to test) automatically from business rules. Collaborate easily with Testers, SMEs, Developers to capture these rules, code-free - to generate a Coverage Matrix on demand. Easy to adjust rules and regenerate. More accurate Test Coverage & Data Coverage in much less time. Orson uses your Coverage Matrix to automate - Data Requirement Capture - Data Mining - Data Matching to Tests For the Right Data on Demand!

Self Service - Test Data Delivery Pipeline - Automated!

Finding the right data for your testing can be a laborious process with piecemeal, non-standardized data requests, unclear requirements, and multiple data delivery mechanisms. Let Orson TDO eliminate this problem for you: 1. Generate Test Data Requirements from business rules = auto-generated Test Data Request 2. Mine Test Data automatically from Data Sources & SORs - using this Data Request 3. Match Data to tests automatically - code-free 4. Output the data you need to tests/testers on demand

Data Mining - Automated - Test Data Extractor

Put the power in the hands of your testers and even business analysts with Orson's Test Data Extractor. Orson enables you to: - Generate your test data requirements with simple rules - which create a machine-readable Data Request - code free - Automate Test Data Mining - using Test Data Extractor Extractor automatically mines the right test data from Source Systems, by reading the generated Data Request. You define simple rules to generate a Data Request, and let Extractor do the rest - no SQL

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