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Privileged Management Protection

By Shanghai Binqsoft Technology Co.,Ltd.

I, Establish an enterprise-level password repository with the function of securely saving all historical versions of passwords for all platform production users of the enterprise. II, Implement one password at a time for privileged accounts, automatically recover passwords III, Scan privileged accounts on RHEL systems.

Software version

RHEL v7.x or v8.x

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Provides the most complete and scalable identity security platform covering internal employee and vendor access, endpoint privileged security, privileged account/access management, application key management, cloud privileged security, and identity management to achieve zero trust and enforce least privilege.

Scanning privileged accounts in RHEL systems.

You use privileged accounts such as root in RHEL systems, or authorise root privileges to ordinary users. Daily use and operation and maintenance of the RHEL system will use the privileged account, you need to pay more attention to the security of the privileged account in the RHEL system, you need to scan the privileged accounts contained in RHEL through the tools and methods, and avoid storing bot accounts or backdoor accounts in RHEL system.

Recording both account operations and screen

In your daily work, if you are concerned about the security of your account operations, you need to use technology to detect in real time whether you have violated the execution of high-risk commands, such as rm -rf* or delete the contents of a database, etc., and once these behaviours are detected, you need to immediately issue an alert and dispose of it immediately.To improve and ensure accuracy and completeness, your operations are recorded using the screen recording function in RHEL system.

Manage privileged accounts and automate password changes

Manage privileged accounts in RHEL systems through a unified centralised management platform, and be able to automatically change passwords in RHEL systems to meet the regular automatic change of passwords.

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