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BigID Data Intelligence and Discovery Platform

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BigID Data Intelligence and Discovery Platform

By BigiD Inc

Actionable Data Intelligence & Discovery across Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance

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BigID’s actionable data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action. Big ID can automatically discover, catalog, and classify all data types and sources. It also will identify sensitive, personal, regulated, critical, and duplicate data and manage privacy requirements and regulatory compliance eg GDPR, CCPA/CPRA. BigID transforms data security and reduce risk posture (attack surface) and reimagines data governance and E2E Data Lifecycle.

BigID Discovery In Depth Foundation

Next Gen Data Discovery and Intelligence for the data you know and for the data you don't - 360 Visibility across all Data Sources and Data Types, Deep Data Intelligence (ML) and Visualize Data Context. Get unprecedented visibility and insight into personal, sensitive, and enterprise data – with broad data coverage at petabyte scale across almost any data source, cloud, or pipeline.

BigID Application Framework

BigID Data Privacy Suite

Data-driven privacy compliance and automation for new and emerging data privacy and protection regulations. Apps: Sensitive Data Discovery, Privacy Portal, ROPA (Data Sharing), E2E DSAR, Regulatory Reporting, Consent & Preferences, Cookie Mngmnt and PIA Automation

BigID Data Security Suite

Transform Data Security with ML-based classification, file analysis and apps to reduce risk and take action. Apps: Data Classification, Data Risk Scoring, File Access Intelligence, Data Retention & Remediation, Data Labelling and Breach Data Analysis

BigID Data Governance Suite

Reimagine Data Governance - Efficient, consistent and scalable data governance with Ml-prompted validation to replace traditional manual data curation. Apps: Data Catalog, Data Quality, Data Stewardship, Data Glossary, Data Retention, Metadata Exchange

BigID Policy & Action Center

BigID Hyperscan for Large Volume Unstructured Data Sources

BIgID Supervised ML (Build your Own)

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