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As part of the repetitive PSE Business Statistics offer based on IBM SPSS Statistics, PSE includes overall solution architecture design, training to specific end users roles, functional support to end users, technical support to end users, upgrade services, and reusage of automation tasks to improve user productivity.

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Delivery method


PSE consulting practice designed and developed a best practice to help clients deploy statistical studies on the organization and accelerate . In this practice, PSE defines the client team (centralized or disperse) and each of its responsibilities in the course of collecting, analysing and exposing insights from a multitude of statistical methods. PSE also defines the interaction of the statistical teams with the remaining organization.

Solution architecture design

PSE helps customer to configure IBM SPSS Statistics solution implementing software modules appropriate to customer needs in terms of statistical analysis and results presentation.

Solution training

PSE Business Statistics trains customer on software and statistics procedures training. This train can be in-house or online.

Functional and technical support

PSE Business Statistics includes technical services to help customers on software installation as well services to maximize the software usage.