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Cyber Fusion Center, CFC

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Cyber Fusion Center, CFC

By Security Management Technology -SMT

"SMT Cyber Fusion Center is not a conventional Security Operations Center, it's a powerhouse fueled by tech superheroes, engineered by SMT to a formidable defense." CFC has brought a new, innovative, It redefines Security Operations and Management by introducing cognitive systems built using Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Understanding and Supervised Machine Learning

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The Cyber Fusion Center represents an elite assembly of six CyberHeroes, dedicated to offering an extensive suite of services, security solutions, and Cyber programs. This comprehensive approach ensures the fortified protection and streamlined management of your systems through a unified platform enhanced with AI capabilities. Furthermore, our services facilitate precise risk assessment evaluations and help discern the critical value of each technology implemented within your organization.


The term "Cybersecurity Operations and Resilience Ecosystem" typically refers to a comprehensive framework or system of processes, technologies, and strategies that organizations put in place to manage and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents effectively. This ecosystem encompasses various elements.


"Tactical Intrusion Tracking and Network Security" refers to a set of practices and technologies aimed at monitoring, detecting, and responding to unauthorized or malicious activities within a computer network.


"Educational Learning in IT and Cyber Excellence" refers to a specialized educational approach and curriculum focused on providing individuals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the fields of Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity, with an emphasis on achieving excellence in these domains.


P.A.C.T. Bureau (Professional Accreditation in Cybersecurity and Technology) - A bureau focusing on professional accreditation in the realm of cybersecurity and technology standards.


Threat Intelligence and AI Defense are two important components of modern cybersecurity, often used together to enhance an organization's security posture.


Forensic Analysis and Security Threat Assessment using Intelligent Tools are crucial components of modern cybersecurity aimed at investigating security incidents, identifying vulnerabilities, and proactively assessing and mitigating security threats.