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Red Hat AMQ Streams is a massively scalable, distributed, and high performance data streaming platform based on the Apache Kafka project. AMQ Streams provides an event streaming backbone that allows microservices and other application components to exchange data with extremely high throughput.

Publish and subscribe messaging

AMQ Streams, Red Hat's implementation of Apache Kafka, features high performance, high scalability of delivery of events between unlimited publishers and unlimited subscribers. AM Streams offers a distributed backbone that allows microservices and other applications to share data with extremely high throughput.

Long term, fault-tolerant storage of events

Kakfa events are stored to the limit of an organizations storage capacity, allowing for long term safe access.

Replayability of event streams

Kafka stores no state information on subscriber activity. Thus, subscribers can request events at any time range available. This feature is very useful for in memory data stores or stream processing

Kafka Connect

AMQ Streams includes Kafka Connect, a standard framework for adapters. Offers streaming and batch options for getting data to Kafka.

Kafka Streams

AMQ Streams includes the Kafka Streams technology from the Apache Kafka community, which allows for querying and correlating events from streams with other streams, or even static sources like databases.

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