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Accelerate application development and delivery to gain a competitive edge and deliver innovative solutions. Red Hat Runtimes provides comprehensive frameworks, runtimes and programming languages, for developers, architects and IT leaders.

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OpenShift 4.4

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Delivers innovative capabilities that optimize the development and delivery of business solutions so you can keep your competitive edge, and spend more time creating new business value. The portfolio provides cloud-native runtimes, frameworks, fast-data access, and high-performance messaging in flexible, easy to use, cost-effective, open, and collaborative ways. See the "Included" tab and product FAQ for more details on components and frameworks included.

Cloud Native Runtimes

Includes best of breed runtimes and frameworks, optimized for Red Hat OpenShift, that accelerate your development and delivery of business applications. Includes support for Quarkus, Eclipse Vert.x, JBoss EAP, Node.js, and Spring Boot. Additionally, the collection provides prescriptive architectures, design patterns, tools, and best practices in example applications that you can execute on OpenShift to enable rapid cloud-native development using the ideal runtime.

Red Hat build of Quarkus

A Kubernetes-native Java framework tailored for JVM and native compilation, crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards. Quarkus provides an effective solution for running Java applications that deal in serverless, microservices, containers, Kubernetes, FaaS, or the cloud because it has been designed with these in mind.

Red Hat build of OpenJDK

Free and open source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (SE) and the default Java development and runtime in Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. Packages for OpenJDK are made available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the same manner as the rest of the content set.

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

The market-leading open source platform for modern Java applications deployed in any environment. JBoss EAP’s architecture is lightweight, modular, and cloud ready, and provides a Jakarta EE-based application runtime for building, deploying, and executing highly transactional Java applications and services.

Red Hat AMQ Broker

Red Hat AMQ Broker is a full-featured, message-oriented middleware broker. It offers specialized queueing behaviors, message persistence, and manageability to better connect your applications and increase their resiliency and performance.

Red Hat Single Sign-On

Based on the Keycloak project, Red Hat Single Sign-On (SSO) enables you to secure web applications by providing web SSO capabilities based on popular standards such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0. The SSO server can act as a SAML or OpenID Connect-based identity provider, integrating your enterprise user directory or third-party SSO provider for identity information with your applications via standards-based tokens.

Red Hat Data Grid

Based on the Infinispan project, Red Hat Data Grid is an enterprise open source distributed data management system for managing your application data that uses memory, keeps information synchronized across multiple servers, and can be used as distributed cache, NoSQL database and event broker.

Migration Toolkit for Applications

Provides a set of utilities for easing the process of taking your proprietary or outdated middleware platforms to a state-of-the-art, lightweight, modular, and cloud-ready middleware application infrastructure—making your teams more productive and ready for the future.

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