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A real-time data platform with high performance caching. The best version of the most loved database in the world. Combine your caching layer with a real-time database to provide instantaneous access to API responses, session data, and DBMS data.

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A robust, in-memory database platform built by the same people who develop open source Redis. It maintains the simplicity and high performance of Redis and adds many enterprise-grade capabilities for companies running their business in the cloud, on-prem and hybrid models. Redis Enterprise provides customers real-time performance with linear scaling to hundreds of millions of operations per second while providing local latency in a global Active-Active deployment with 99.999% uptime.

High Performance Caching

A high-performance application-caching layer needs to be scaled easily and instantly to meet growth requirements and peak demand. Redis Enterprise’s high throughput at sub-millisecond latency, true shared-nothing architecture to enable linear scaling, support for multi-tenancy, and a multi-core architecture ensure compute resources are fully utilized while providing superior performance.

Active-Active replicated Redis databases (CRDB)

Redis Enterprise offers Active-Active deployment for globally distributed databases, enabling simultaneous read and write operations on the same dataset across multiple geographic locations. Using academically proven conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) technology, Redis Enterprise automatically resolves conflicting writes, without changing the way your application uses Redis. It delivers local latency and enables a disaster-proof architecture for geo-distributed applications.

High availability with 99.999% uptime

Redis Enterprise offers uninterrupted high availability, completely transparent to users, with diskless replication, instant failure detection, and single-digit-seconds failover across racks, zones, and geographies. It delivers high throughput and low latency even during cluster-change operations such as adding new nodes to the cluster, upgrading software, rebalancing, and re-sharding data, enabling it to guarantee four-nines (99.99%) uptime and five-nines (99.999%) in Active-Active deployments.

Built-in durability

Redis Enterprise is a fully durable database, providing multiple persistence options on both primary and replica shards. Our enhanced storage engine ensures high disk IOPS without affecting Redis performance, even under heavy write loads. In a cloud environment, Redis Enterprise persists data to network-attached storage (NAS), guarding against the ephemeral nature of local instance storage, which makes it an ideal choice for cloud-native architectures.

Intelligent tiered access to memory

Redis Enterprise offers a cost-effective solution for hosting large datasets by combining DRAM, SSD (Flash), and persistent memory (such as Intel® Optane™ DC). Using an innovative tiered approach that places frequently accessed hot data in memory and colder values in Flash or persistent memory, Redis on Flash delivers high performance similar to Redis on DRAM, while saving you up to 70% on infrastructure costs.

Backup, cluster recovery, and disaster recovery

The growing probability of a major outage in a cloud native environment requires robust backup, cluster-recovery, and disaster-recovery mechanisms. Redis Enterprise provides a full suite of these capabilities to protect against data loss and allow fast recovery in case of disaster using an academically proven conflict resolution mechanism (conflict-free replicated data types, or CRDTs).

Multi-layer security and compliance

Enterprises need robust security and compliance safeguards. Redis Enterprise ensures production data is isolated from administrative access and offers multi-layer security for role-based access-control, authentication, authorization, and encryption (data in transit and data at rest). It safeguards your deployment from Redis buffers overflow, implements CPU throttling, blocks Lua scripts from accessing the host, and protects from other vulnerabilities for greater reliability.

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Integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. Runs on any cloud or on-premise.

The best version of the the world's most loved database.

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