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Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform - RCAP

By Responsiv

RCAP is a fully managed service Cloud Platform perfect for integrating and automating data, processes, workflows, and users on premises or cloud. RCAP capabilities include: • Process and workflow automation/orchestration • Enterprise integration, API libraries, and micro-services • Scalable, cost-effective pricing based on concurrent users, not functionality

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All the benefits of process automation, workflow management, and enterprise application integration (EAI) in a single platform provided as a managed service by Responsiv; use as part of your move to cloud, digital transformation, or business strategy. Reduce business cost and extend hours of service by automating human tasks interacting with staff, customers, and suppliers. Responsiv fully manage the Platform from our UK offices and host our Cloud Platforms in tier 3 UK data centres.

Process and Workflow Automation

Automate any data-heavy, repetitive, manual business processes on RCAP to maintain oversight and control of your business. Fully automate or include human tasks throughout. Examples: - movers, joiners, leavers (on- and off-boarding) - procurement - sales offer generation and processing - payroll and payment claims processes - customer forms and portals - supplier portals Add the Responsiv Cloud Robot Service to unleash the power of RPA bots for use of human-designated interfaces.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and API Libraries

You can't automate effectively without integrating. Use EAI, API libraries, and micro-services with RCAP: RCAP supports integration patterns including publish-subscribe, one to many, many to one, synchronous, asynchronous, request-response, fire and forget, and file transfer. Handle events from IoT devices, change data capture, and other real-time notifications. EAI connectors are available for database, Kafka, JMS, Salesforce, SAP, MuleSoft, MS-Dynamics, and more as standard.

Developer Tooling and Low-Code Configurations

RCAP allows you to address backlogs, improve consistency and supportability, and reduce developer learning time thanks to the graphical tooling and low-code configuration functionalities. Responsiv Cloud Platforms provide dev, test, and prod environments as standard.

Integrated Cloud Security

Responsiv Cloud Platforms come pre-integrated with the Responsiv Cloud Security Service (RCSS), providing the ability to consistently manage user access to your cloud environments. RCSS supports identity and access management controls based on role, user, attribute, context and time, as well as providing options for configuring user access through SSO and federated trust to avoid password challenges. Use RCSS to configure API protections.

Use Case - Optimised Decision Making

Efficiently and securely access the data required for decisions directly from the source without waiting for staff reports to streamline decision making throughout departments and the wider organisation. Monitor process progress and identify recurring bottlenecks using the built in dashboards; escalate tasks when required to complete the workflow.

Use Case - Staff Knowledge, Capacity, and Legacy Systems

Maintain knowledge of key processes, remove dependence from individuals, and increase capacity to reduce staff strain and provide a 24x7 service. Use RCAP to update interfaces and provide data integration capabilities to your legacy systems, all whilst maintaining the original business critical system.

Use Case - IBM Migration to Cloud

Responsiv Cloud Platforms are 100% compatible with IBM middleware software, minimising the risks of migrating or rebuilding existing IBM applications on cloud.

Responsiv Cloud Platforms

Want more than just automation and integration? Don't want automation at all? Responsiv Cloud Platforms are customisable to fit your need. Offerings include our dedicated Integration, API, Decision, and Rules Platforms. Or go full on bespoke with our Custom Platform. Responsiv Consulting support your in-house teams and resources to develop your Cloud Platform, with process, integration, and any other necessary technical skills to keep you going, successfully and effectively.

Pricing summary

Plans starting at

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Pricing based on concurrent users, not functionality

Fully managed service for hosting and support (patches, upgrades, etc.)

Optional services available to expand capability, compute, and capacity

Use Responsiv Consulting for service preparation and development support

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