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rKubeIO hub empowers digital transformation with modules for app lifecycle, from refactoring to security. It modernizes monolithic apps into microservices and offers Hybrid Cloud Management for private and public clouds.

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Unlock the potential of your applications with rKube, a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline your modernization journey. Built to address the challenges of modern cloud-native environments, rKube empowers organizations to harness the full capabilities of AI and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Focused around Java workloads, we help you renovate, replatform, refactor using AI into Microservices or completely rebuild your application using our rStacks catalog.

Renovate - Upgrade to the latest Java versions

This module enables you to upgrade your Java applications to the latest versions, using static code analysis and generating detailed reports on what should be changed on the code base. Another great feature is the ability to estimate exactly how much it would take to implement the recommended changes.

Replatform - Migrate to a Cloud Native Runtime

This module enables you to migrate to IBM modern Liberty/OpenLiberty runtime, levering a Kubernetes optimized application server and boosting your application performance and resiliency. This module also offers you detailed reports around technology changes and cost estimation for migration.

Refactor - Use AI to transform Monoliths to Microservices

This module leverages AI to analyse dynamically your Monolith from business perspective and suggest a recommended decomposition into Microservices based on your functional testing. It even goes beyond recommending and generates separate Microservices as a starting point for your applications to test and weight in the pros and cons of adopting the Microservices architecture.

Rebuild - Using state of the art application Templates

This module offers an application catalog to help you streamline and standardize your development while adopting best-practices. You can benefit from Quick Start application catalog or develop your own templates to conform to your organization standards and practices.

Restrain - Enhancing Application Security

This module empowers you to enhance the security of your applications with a comprehensive approach that combines the strengths of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). By leveraging advanced scanning techniques, you gain in-depth insights into potential vulnerabilities in your source code, while dynamic testing simulates real-world attack scenarios to uncover weaknesses during runtime.

Rehost - Seamlessly Transition to the Cloud

This module let you experience a smooth and hassle-free migration to the cloud. Seamlessly transition your applications and workloads from on-premises environments to leading cloud platforms such as Azure, GCP, AWS, and IBM Cloud. You gain full control over the migration process, enabling you to effortlessly replicate your existing infrastructure and quickly provision resources in your chosen cloud environment.

Reveal - Gain Deep Application Observability

This module empowers you with unparalleled application observability and let you gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of your applications' performance, behavior, and dependencies. Unlock valuable insights into your application stack, identify bottlenecks, and troubleshoot issues swiftly. Harness the power of real-time monitoring, comprehensive metrics, and rich visualizations to gain full visibility into your application's health and performance.

Reclaim - Maximize Cloud Efficiency

This module let's you unlock the power of cloud cost optimization and gain the ability to maximize your cloud efficiency and take control of your costs. Seamlessly analyze resource utilization, identify inefficiencies, and optimize your infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary spending. You have the power to proactively monitor and manage your cloud expenses, ensuring that you make the most efficient use of your resources.

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