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Eliminates the business impact of software issues in production

Delivery method


SafeDeploy  is a DevOps and CI/CD solution. Our USP is comparing the existing with the updated software releases to predict the updates behavior before it gets into production. Safedeploy enables DevOps to run an automated test cycle of the whole application with the new code/feature before it gets into production. Safedeploy ensures that all pre-existing functionality works in each new release, eliminating the need for time consuming and error prone regression testing.

Recommendations of dependencies

Our AI analyzes the new code together with the existing application as you develop. You are going to receive recommendations if your code may work or may not work as developed.

Replay of new deploys

Our unique replay feature allows you to watch what is going to happen with you new deploy before it gets in production. It is very to change it and get it to work.

Regression testing

Our unique setup allows you to perform regression testing of your application with the new deploy based on real customer usage. You make sure that the performance is met.

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