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Security Operation Center Services

By HWG S.r.l.

Our solution proactively monitor your digital environment 24x7x365 to identify a threat or a system breach and activate containment and eradication activities through the incident response phase.

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OpenShift 4.2+

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All over the world there is a whirling increase in cyber-attacks and companies have to deal with sophisticated and extremely targeted techniques. Security is a complex and ever evolving process and therefore requires a combination of human expertise and technologies to build up an effective security strategy. The adoption of a SOC (Security Operation Center) is essential for continuous threat monitoring and analysis, and for the prevention and mitigation of cybersecurity incidents.


Team of security analysts who manage the triage phase, i.e. the identification of threats in the first phases and the monitoring of alarms. They also act as first point of contact with the customer on a day-to-day basis.


Team of analysts who perform in-depth analysis on threats and incidents, analyzing their root causes and impacts, coordinating response actions and identifying prevention activities. They are engaged by the Tear 1 team when an high level of expertise is needed to manage the incident.


Team with in-depth knowledge of the network, threat intelligence systems, forensic analysis, malware, as well as the operation of specific applications. He is involved in the evaluation, testing and implementation of new advanced solutions dedicated to cyber security and provides Tier 2 support for the resolution of complex incidents.