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SecurityScorecard is the leading security ratings platform that enables you to instantly rate, understand, and continuously monitor the cybersecurity risk of any company, non-intrusively.

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We continue to make the world a safer place by transforming the way companies understand, improve and communicate cybersecurity risk to their boards, employees and vendors. SecurityScorecard is one solution that supports many use cases including: enterprise cyber risk management (self-monitoring), executive-level reporting, third-party risk management and cyber due diligence.


Hundreds of thousands of organizations followed and 12+ million companies continuously monitored

Accelerates the vendor risk assessment

Vendor risk assessment process by 75% and cuts the questionnaire cycle in half

Customer Success Team

Award-winning customer success team highly rated for "ease-of-setup" and "quality customer service" with over 98% satisfaction rate

Deep Insights on Your Cyber Exposure

Use SecurityScorecard's add-on modules to (a) identify and map your vendor ecosystem to identify unknown high-risk third-parties (b) quantify your cyber exposure in financial terms (c) complement your ratings with deep SecurityScorecard threat-intelligence

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Additional capability over SSC Free

Self-Monitoring with workflow