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Sherloq with IBM Watson

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AI & data compliance starts on the internet. Sherloq provides a missing technological piece for both AI applications & the data compliance of an organization.

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Sherloq simplifies the integration of IBM Watson technology & IBM blockchain from your consumer-facing website to provide off the shelf data performance & compliance applications, as well as customizable enterprise AI and compliance solutions. Our simple to deploy AI apps & blockchain ledger can serve as an end-to-end consumer data compliance fabric or be integrated into your organization's data lake.

AI Core

Your first step in the AI journey is the internet. Rapidly deploy AI and data fabric capabilities to your website.

Security & Data Compliance

Quickly deploy website Permission, Compliance, Security & Custody on a Blockchain ledger to your business's website or your entire data fabric.

First Party Data

Insights to drive business growth. Sherloq connects your website to inbound traffic and ad campaigns with IBM Watson for advanced consumer insights.

Cookieless Advertising Automation

Drive efficiency, Capture, rate, score and analyze performance marketing and other lead-generating data which can be fed back into advertising platforms.

AI Model Training & Scalability

Sherloq’s patent pending technology allows you to rapidly train, build & deploy advanced industry models at a fraction of the time and cost.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Talk to an expert about a custom enterprise solution.

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Architectural design and infrastructure validation

Initial implementation and configuration, up to 5 agents

Up to 3 End Points or API's

Custom Per Agent Pricing Available

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