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Sirion helps enterprises manage the complete contracting lifecycle on a single, easy to use platform. AI-powered capabilities from smart contract authoring to auto-contract extraction. Get complete contract visibility with AI-powered extraction of legacy contract data, modern search tools and advanced analytics.

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Gain contract visibility with AI extraction, modern search, and analytics. Boost efficiency with digital workflows and a cloud repository. Strengthen contracts swiftly with clause libraries, collaboration, and negotiation insights. Reduce risk via compliance automation and analytics. Improve commercial performance with smart tools. Access contracts securely on AWS cloud, supporting BYOK. Integrate seamlessly with enterprise apps for real-time data flow.

Instant Insights for a single contract or group of contracts

Provides instant in-depth summaries of documents, including document type, governing law, counterparties, etc., directly from the contract repository.

Interactive Queries

Ask complex contract-related questions like notice periods for termination or specifics about supplier agreements, significantly reducing search and contract review time.

Actionable Intelligence

Offers deep insights into your contracts, showcasing the AI's capability to provide actionable solutions quickly.

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