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Smart Asset Navigator - Illustrated Part Catalog for Maximo

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Smart Asset Navigator - Illustrated Part Catalog for Maximo

By Smartech

Revolutionizes asset management by offering an illustrated part catalog for Maximo, showcasing a visual, exploded BOM view. This tool utilizes various asset data sources to visually link assets and spare parts, enabling fast and accurate part identification within Maximo. It streamlines material planning and purchasing, allowing for direct visual identification of spare parts from drawings.

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Enhance asset management with Smart Asset Visualization. This solution integrates smoothly with Maximo, providing a detailed, exploded view of asset components. Easily access spare part information, refine material planning, and streamline asset management processes. Developed per IBM standards, it simplifies Bill of Materials (BOM) creation and prevents item duplication. Boost operational efficiency and facilitate informed decision-making with this all-encompassing asset visualization tool.

Digital Illustrated Part Catalog Creation

Maximo Asset Navigator digitizes traditional illustrated part catalogs, enabling users to seamlessly transition from paper-based to digital asset management. By replicating physical catalogs within Maximo, the solution ensures that every part and component is accurately represented, enhancing accessibility and streamlining spare parts identification processes.

Intuitive Part Identification

With Maximo Asset Navigator, users can effortlessly identify parts and components by referencing the digital illustrated catalog. Each part is meticulously categorized and labeled within Maximo, allowing users to quickly locate and identify components, regardless of their complexity or size.

Full Integration with Maximo

Enjoy seamless integration as Smart Asset Visualization is fully embedded within Maximo, utilizing IBM development framework for robust functionality.

Enhanced Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Maximo Asset Navigator simplifies BOM management by providing users with a comprehensive platform for creating and maintaining accurate BOMs. By centralizing BOM data within the digital catalog, the solution enables users to track component relationships and ensure BOM accuracy, facilitating seamless collaboration and improving project outcomes.

Rapid Spare Parts Identification

Effortlessly pinpoint spare parts for repairs or procurement using Maximo Asset Navigator. With intuitive search and filtering, locate needed parts by name, reference number, or asset category. Streamline maintenance and procurement, minimizing downtime and optimizing asset performance.

Streamlined Material Planning

Smart Asset Navigator streamlines material planning processes by providing users with a comprehensive view of critical assets and associated spare parts. By offering clear visibility into available resources and requirements, the solution enables users to optimize material planning efforts, minimize waste, and improve resource allocation.