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Smart Project Link - Maximo and Microsoft Project Integration

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Smart Project Link - Maximo and Microsoft Project Integration

By Smartech

Transformative Integration for Maximo and Microsoft Project, Elevate your planning and scheduling capabilities with Smart Project Link, the cutting-edge Smartech add-on designed for seamless integration between IBM Maximo and Microsoft Project.

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Smart Project Link add-on is a bidirectional integration between IBM Maximo and Microsoft project that allows planners and schedulers to use Microsoft Project to efficiently plan and schedule Maximo work orders and preventive maintenance forecasts. This solution allows users to access live Maximo information directly from Microsoft Project to build and optimize schedules with Microsoft Project. Using this tool, you can achieve a perfect 2-way synchronization with Microsoft Project.

Transfer Work order from IBM Maximo to Microsoft Project

Effortlessly plan and schedule IBM Maximo work orders within Microsoft Project. Refresh data in Microsoft Project to access the latest updates from Maximo. Transfer any Maximo fields to Microsoft Project, including calculated fields, and leverage Maximo information in Microsoft Project. Save planning and scheduling information from Microsoft Project to IBM Maximo, including the ability to create Maximo work orders and tasks from Microsoft Project tasks.

Effortless Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Seamlessly transfer preventive maintenance forecasts from IBM Maximo to Microsoft Project with a click. Schedule your preventive maintenance forecasts and balance your work load. Save and synchronize preventive maintenance forecast dates effortlessly between Microsoft Project and Maximo. Smart Project Link ensures smooth coordination, optimizing work orders, and preventive maintenance scheduling for enhanced operational efficiency.

Optimized Workforce Integration

Seamlessly integrate labor and craft details from IBM Maximo into Microsoft Project with Smart Project Link. Enhance your project planning by efficiently incorporating workforce resources directly from Maximo, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Real-Time Maximo Insights

Unlock a live and dynamic connection to IBM Maximo data. Explore a multitude of features that enable real-time visibility and management of crucial information, including work orders, assets, locations, and more. Elevate your decision-making with instantaneous insights through the Smart Project Link.

Streamlined Work Order Creation from Microsoft Project

Simplify the process of creating work orders in Maximo directly from tasks outlined in Microsoft Project. With Smart Project Link, seamlessly convert project tasks into actionable work orders, ensuring smooth project execution and enhanced task management.

Real-Time Maximo Data Updates and Synchronization

Keep Maximo information up-to-date effortlessly with Smart Project Link. Experience seamless synchronization of Maximo data, including status changes, dates, and planned resources, directly from Microsoft Project. Enhance project visibility and coordination with real-time updates and streamlined data management.

IBM Maximo Application Suite Compatibility

Compatible with all currently supported versions except SaaS Essentials and SaaS Standard editions.