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1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo
STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo

1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

By Stash Global Inc.

Accomplishes the previously impossible: turns the most damaging cyberattack of all, ransomware, into just another business problem that is solved with the click of a button without paying a cent (or cyber coin) of ransom. Zero Trust & Self-Healing.

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Enterprise-ready solution that eradicates ransomware attacks (data compromise and corruption) and attackers (extortion of exfiltrated data for ransom). Restore data in real-time with a click; public release of data becomes impossible. When ransomware attacks happen STASH instantly recovers data by dates, times, & versions from the dashboard and prevents attackers access of the content of exfiltrated files. Light-lift activation via PaaS API & SaaS.

Proactive Eradication of Attacks

Automatic, autonomous protection. Light lift streamlined set up and control via an Admin Dashboard. No costly integration or weeks of training. You can be up and running, with data impervious to compromise inside and outside of the organization. Datacentric data protection encrypts, parses, and saves multiple copies of your data in multiple locations of your choice, on cloud or on-prem. Access control prevents unauthorized parties from viewing and sharing content. Your peace of mind, guaranteed.

Zero Trust, Self-Healing, Quantum Resistant

Build on top of a patented Secure Data Governance Platform (PaaS), the Ransomware Solution is a ubiquitous one-of-a-kind innovation that delivers agnostic, automatic, never trust/always verify fortification to your current security stack. An agnostic solution, it marries seamlessly to other tools modularly, with minimal friction, no user involvement, and unmatched efficacy. Patented quantum-resistant keys and DRM provide highly controlled data visibility. Even STASH has no access to your data.

Mitigates the Attack and the Attacker

No matter when, where, or how many times your organization is seized by a malicious actor for ransom, your data is completely recoverable in real-time by date, time, and by versions. Restore it all or cherry-pick your options. Click the submit button on the admin dashboard and your system data is restored. On the flip side, frozen, exfiltrated data is unassailable by thieves for public distribution. Circumvent ransom payments, business downtime, fines, remediation, & negative publicity.

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Amount of data protected STASH infrastructure is 100 GBs

Amount of data protected clients infrastructure is unlimited

Additional GBs of data protection available

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