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1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo
STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo

1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

By Stash Global Inc.

Accomplishes the previously impossible: turns the most damaging cyberattack of all, ransomware, into just another business problem that is solved with the click of a button without paying a cent (or cyber coin) of ransom. Zero Trust & Self-Healing.

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  • STASH® is a modular solution. If your company or organization prefers to use your own proprietary encryption algorithms or multi-factor authentication tools, or other legacy configurations, STASH® will snap on to the existing stack without disrupting it, adding the most impactful and important piece: data privacy, security, resilience, and integrity you can count on. The genius of STASH® is that it was developed to replace hundreds of other tools, yet works seamlessly with any configuration of existing tools - it’s your choice.

  • STASH® Proactive Secure Data Governance: Data privacy, security, integrity and resilience, on-cloud (private, public, hybrid) or off-cloud (company owned servers) anywhere in the world. Data is secure in-transit, when sharing, and at-rest. STASH® is data, network, and infrastructure agnostic. Data is always available in real time even if some storage locations are unavailable at any time. Our modular framework and automated implementation is non-disruptive, and works in the background with Keys-on-the-Fly® – proprietary technology activated when files are needed then destroyed after use for a trackless digital footprint. Even if breached, the statistical probability of data access is nil. No costly & time intensive integration needed. Simple and autonomous, completely supported, maintained, and upgraded by Stash.

    Digital Rights Management (DRM): keeps access permissions in the hands of the authorized administrator – never the users, so data is protected in whose ever hands it is in, whether inside or outside of the organization, anywhere it is, anywhere it goes. Even if files are accessed by nefarious actors, competitors,
    unauthorized entities or individuals, the content is completely private and secure. Not only can the files not be opened, the data inside the file is encrypted, parsed, scattered. The data protection version of the scientific phenomena, double protection.

    STASH® 1-Click Ransomware Recovery: When your network, infrastructure, and data is held for ransom, the fastest growing and most costly breach of all, the typical reaction is panic. With 1-Click Ransomware Recovery, you will avoid days, weeks, even months of downtime. And the ransom? Forget about it. Simply go to the STASH® Administrator Dashboard, choose the data you want to restore by version and time, or the entire system and click the button. Your data is out of ransomware clutches, ransomware is foiled and one of the most damaging breach events is just another business problem solved.

    STASH® Flex: Know where your data is anywhere in the world in real time. Map-based locational protocols show the exact locations of where your data is, on cloud or off.

    STASH® Dash: Share any kind of unstructured data file, particularly Media & Entertainment files, privately and securely. Choose who can
    view, for how long, how many times – no screenshots, downloads, or copying allowed.

    STASH® Hibernate is the right choice for long to very long data protection requirements. It includes all the features of STASH® Secure Data. Plus, it maintains data in an accessible, readable format ensuring it can be retrieved and is usable now and for 100 years from now no matter how technology changes over time. Hibernate was developed and architected for all industries and especially those such as Financial & Life Sciences that are required to store data for decades.

  • Yes – you can choose to have your data stored in a specified country, geographic location, or with specific cloud storage providers, and/or on specific servers.

  • Cybercriminals attack valuable data from many different angles. Their motivation is not always theft. In addition, data manipulation, destruction, and ransomware have become formidably adversarial in the last few years and show no sign of abating. GDPR has laid down the gauntlet. Any company anywhere in the world that compromises the personal identifiable information or PII of any European citizen will be subject to fines of as much as 4% of revenue for each occurrence. Hence, only a security solution that actually stays with the data, protecting it even when it is accessed by a malicious actor, will solve this problem. That’s what STASH® delivers.

  • This is an unstructured data security solution – it protects anything you can create and put in a folder. Audio files, visual files, spreadsheets, documents and the like. There are no restrictions on file types. There is a maximum single file size of 4TB, though you can upload as many 4TB files as you wish.

    STASH® protects the data that comprises 80% of business data today, rising to 95% in the next 5 years.

    STASH® works with Exchange and Oracle databases – but only archive or backup copies of the files themselves, which then can be secured and stored. We do not interact with data in databases directly.

    For example, if you create an archive or export copy of an Exchange/Oracle/Microsoft SQL/MySQL database, that file can be uploaded and kept private and secure.

  • STASH® is DSECaaS™ – Data Security as a Service – a genuine solution to one of the costliest business problems of all time. Other security vendors sell ‘tools’ that are used to build fences and walls, and to predict aberrant behavior in order to defend against or to react after an intrusion. They are an important part of any security posture, but they were not built to protect data. STASH® works with your existing security infrastructure to protect data at the data byte level. A genuine zero-trust innovation, it stays with the data itself wherever it is, wherever it goes. Best of all, STASH® is automated and cost-effective. No expensive integration and training is required, no additional personnel are needed to manage the solution. It all happens from an Admin Dashboard. Point, select, click. The deployment and activation is streamlined and low-friction. Contact us here and we'll set you up: