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Styra Declarative Authorization Service - DAS

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Styra Declarative Authorization Service - DAS

By Styra, Inc.

Styra DAS-built by the founders and maintainers of Open Policy Agent—gives you a single control plane to build, test, distribute and monitor OPA authorization policy across cloud infrastructure and applications

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Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) is the fastest and easiest way to operationalize Open Policy Agent (OPA) across Kubernetes, microservices or custom APIs. Built on open-source, and declarative by design, Styra DAS gives you a turnkey OPA control plane to mitigate risk, reduce human error, and accelerate development. Styra DAS lets Platform Engineers, DevOps, and App Developers manage policy-as-code as part of their GitOps process.

Policy Authoring

Styra DAS provides a purpose-built policy-authoring experience for Rego that you can use for all of the different DAS system-type. This is applicable to writing policy for microservice API authorization, Kubernetes admission control, or other use cases. You can use the same language and toolset for writing, testing, and debugging policy. At the same time, the DAS aims to provide an authoring experience for each DAS system-type that is tailored to that system.

Git Integration

Styra supports using Git as a storage mechanism for policies. Each system can be configured with its own Git repository as storage. Embrace policy-as-code, allowing you to leverage the same source of truth for your policies that you have for your code: A Git repository. Rollback policy changes using the same machinery you do for your other code: Update the tip of your chosen branch to a previous workable state. Implement change control via peer-review using the Git-workflow.

Decision Logging

See all policy decisions in one place for analysis and further investigation.

Impact Analysis

See the effect of policy changes before they are committed- prevents errors and allows for testing without having to go into production to see impact.

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