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By Crestt sp. z o.o.

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Enterprise solution for data masking/anonymization (part of GDPR requirements), based on IBM Optim platform, with addons and best practices prepared and validated by Crestt company. As a result - non-production environments can be refreshed and ready-to-use in hours, not weeks.

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Delivery method


With IBM Optim as base platform, Crestt embedded solution is addressing customer's demands, by: a) providing Enterprise product (IBM Optim) with flexible pricing options, based on exact needs b) delivering experts in implementation for this category of products c) using verified artifacts (especially masking functions) d) providing dedicated team for 1st and 2nd lines of support e) using MVP approach f) squeezing project's schedule with help of possible automation in project's tasks.

IBM Optim as Enterprise solution for data masking

Best in class solution for data masking/anonymization, verified successfully for many customers all around the world. Allows for addressing the most complex requirements in this important area of business.

Implementation team with experts

Dedicated team with experts related to this kind of software. This guarantee confidence for agreed scope, budget, schedule and quality for deliverables.

Usage of verified artifacts

Based on experience from the past projects, Crestt's team will provide verified and ready-to-use artifacts. Examples: non standard masking functions for given sector (like: finance sector), with adjustment for given country.

1st and 2nd lines of support

Crestt team will provide 1st and 2nd lines of support, based on agreed scope for support services.

MVP approach

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach allows our customers for quick implementation of the solution for the most important system(s). This allows to quickly deliver value to customers, without waiting till full project's implementation.

Full support for addons

You can fully count on us for any topic related to addons.