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Create software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your containers, applications and databases into the future or the past.

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Time Machine facilitates time shift testing on your date & time sensitive application logic. It is transparent to containers, applications & databases so no code modification is required and system clock is never modified. Testers can time travel by themselves or automate time travel with test scripts without awaiting administrators to change time. Virtual clock speed can be normal, frozen, accelerated or decelerated. Multiple virtual clocks can run concurrently in the same test environment.

No Need to Change the System Clock

Time Machine intercepts your file system date and time calls. If the caller is configured with a virtual clock and the program is not on the exclusion list, virtual time is returned; otherwise system time is returned.

Transparent to Containers, Applications and Databases

With Time Machine no code modification is required to time travel, just create a virtual clock at a group, user or process level, with clock speed set to normal, frozen, accelerated or decelerated.

Concurrent Testing with Multiple Virtual Clocks

Enable one test environment to become multiple test environments. Time Machine offers up to 20,000 programmable virtual clocks you can use concurrently to support a variety of application requirements.

Variable Speed Clock

Make your applications run up to 1000 times faster or slower than real time.

Time Travel in Secure Environments

Testers can time travel to any time they want without needing to wait for system, database and application administrators. This is particularly critical for secured environments such as Active Directory (AD), Kerberos or LDAP, as changing the system clock is often not even allowed.

Virtual Clock is Container Aware

A virtual clock set for one container/pod will not apply to other containers/pods, even if they share the same PID or UID.

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