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Create unforgeable, portable credentials that can be verified P2P, with biometric face and liveness matching. Cryptographically bind proof of credentials or identity into any other asset or data file to establish verifiable and immutable ownership.

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Define IDs (e.g., passport, driver's license). Create unforgeable, portable, and interoperable credentials. Bind ID Proof into any data file. Verify P2P, locally with biometric liveness matching. Track in real-time with immutable audit logs. Easy to use SDK, power your systems and apps in a few short steps. Dynamic pricing options with free trial period and free starting bundle of credentials and monthly verifications.

Unforgeable biometric and credential verification

To support the real-time validation needs of users and verifiers.


Our full edge computing permits passwordless peer-to-peer local verification. Removing the need for a connection to any central system or database. Ensuring offline resilience, universally verifiable across any system.


You can hold it on any system, any device, meaning one can own their credentials. TODAQ never holds your personal data, once captured and ‘TODAized’ the ID becomes unforgeable.

Immutable Audit Trail

You'll have immutable verification audit logs for both user and verifier that will always agree and show the same record.

Secure Asset Ownership

Cryptographically bind proof of primary ID and Biometrics to other assets (e.g., tickets, reservations, coupons, depository & warehouse receipts, staff credentials, access passes, etc.). Any party on any system can then verify those assets and conduct an identity verification and liveness match in seconds to confirm unique ownership. Built with Privacy by Design, only the owner and those permitted by the owner have knowledge of the asset.

Powers any App

You can easily adapt the GOTO SDK to any system and apps.

Define ID Types

Provides you the ability to define ID types (e.g., passport, driver’s license, national ID card).

Pricing summary

Plans starting at

View all pricing options

Access and use of server side SDK with full ticket request and technical support

GOTO authenticator app & support, options to create a white-label app & configure new ID types

First 25 user profiles are free.

Business and technical help sessions to cover implementation design & execution.

Monthly Developer license fee waived at 10K users.

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