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Drill down assets and locations easily with the advanced TreeView component. An intuitive user interface with simple functionalities drives you to work with assets, work orders and locations quickly and precisely.

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  • Troia TreeView enhances navigation in IBM Maximo Asset Management by providing a hierarchical structure of Assets and Locations in the Asset application. It offers a continuous view of the asset hierarchy, starting with the root Location, allowing users to easily navigate through the structure without opening individual drilldown dialogs.

  • Troia TreeView works similarly to the default drilldown functionality in Maximo but with a key difference. Instead of opening drilldown dialogs for each asset, the asset hierarchy is continuously available, starting with the root Location. Users can expand each Location/Asset without the need for individual drilldown dialogs.

  • In Troia TreeView, blue-colored labels represent Locations, while black labels represent Assets. If a Location/Asset has child Locations/Assets, an arrow is displayed on the right side of the label. Clicking the arrow reveals the child Locations/Assets.

  • Users can create a Work Order from the selected Asset in Troia TreeView by right-clicking on the Asset, selecting "Create Work Order" from the context menu. This action generates a new Work Order with the selected Asset, and users are redirected to the Work Order application.

  • The "Changing Location System" functionality allows users to switch between different Location systems defined in Maximo. The top of Troia TreeView includes a dropdown menu with Location systems. Users can choose a specific Location system from the dropdown, and the related Locations will be displayed in Troia TreeView.

  • Yes, by default, it shows 50 child Assets, but this number can be modified by changing a System Property.

  • The installation of Troia TreeView is similar to installing an iFix. System administrator needs to extract the .zip file to Maximo's directories in the SMP folder. However, it requires a complete system rebuild, and an additional Update Database is necessary to complete the installation.

  • Ensure that the .zip file is extracted to the correct directories in the SMP folder. Additionally, be prepared for a complete system rebuild, and make sure to execute the required Update Database step to ensure a successful installation of Troia TreeView.