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Hybrid File Transfer using Kubernetes

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Hybrid File Transfer using Kubernetes

By Stonebranch

Certified enterprise ready

Configure and deploy Stonebranch Universal Agents within PODs. Automate secure file transfers of data between on-prem, private and public cloud platforms and applications. Trigger transfers in real-time based on system events. Break down data silos.

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OpenShift 4.4+

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Products purchased on Red Hat Marketplace are supported by the provider. Beyond documentation and developer communities, specialists and product maintainers may be available to address your concerns.


  • No. To enable hybrid file transfers using Kubernetes, you must own a stand-alone Stonebranch Universal Agent package and the Stonebranch Universal Controller. Alternatively, you must own the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center platform, which includes Universal Agents and the Universal Controller. For more information, please contact Stonebranch at https://www.stonebranch.com/contact/

  • File transfers may be triggered and controlled using the Stonebranch Universal Controller. The Universal Controller is a web-based workflow automation solution that supports triggering file transfers in various ways, including:

    • Based on a file arrival
    • Time-based (with support for internal and external calendar like an SAP calendar)
    • Based on email arrival
    • Based on a web service
    • Event in a message queue (e.g. MQ, JMS)
    • Based on the status of another task/workflow e.g. start a new file transfer, if the transfer from last night was successful

  • Any file transfer can be triggered by calling the REST API of the Universal Controller from an application running on Openshift. Essentially, you can start a file transfer workflow from any application, independent of whether it runs on a (virtual) server, mainframe, or in a POD. This single API will allow you to integrate with your microservices architecture. Learn more about managed file transfer with the Universal Data Mover, which is part of the Universal Agent in the link.