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Uptime Elements Global Positioning System Assessment - UE GPS Assessment

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Uptime Elements Global Positioning System Assessment - UE GPS Assessment

By Reliabilityweb.com

Does your company need reduced safety incidents, improved financial results, or better asset performance? If so, you need UE GPS. It is a reliability and asset management assessment tool based on Reliabilityweb's Uptime Elements (UE). The UE's aim is to advance an organizations reliability journey. UE GPS is designed to empower your team to unlock extraordinary value for your organization.

Software version

Version 1

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RHEL 7, 8

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Reliability is an essential business process that is the probability that an asset, item, or system will perform its required functions satisfactorily under specific conditions within a time period. Additional immediate and sustainable results UE GPS can unlock includes; sustainability/energy savings; reputation/brand enhancement; improved workforce engagement/recruitment/retention; and more. UE GPS uses the UE's to assess an organizations managing of value, while minimizing risk and failure.

Six Knowledge Domains Assessed

UE GPS assesses six domains contained in the UE. The six domains include Reliability Engineering for Maintenance (REM), Asset Condition Management (ACM), Work Execution Management (WEM), Leadership for Reliability (LER), Asset Management (AM), and Digitalization/loT (loT). Additionally, there are forty-four total elements in the six domains that are used in the assessment delivery.

Supported by an Expansive Knowledge Base

Reliabilityweb has the largest volume of overall knowledge material in the reliability field of study and practice. This volume of knowledge is used in the foundation of the UE GPS Assessment.

Data Centric Approach

Major aspects of the UE GPS Assessment are the data, decision-making, and benchmarking capabilities the resulting information allows. UE GPS will provide industry specific benchmarking in many areas.

Timely Delivery and Results

UE GPS is set up to be delivered in as little as eight hours! This includes setup, assessment information gathering, information entry, assessment scoring, benchmarking, and reporting. Additional tiers allow for analysis, additional benchmarking, and developing improvement plans/roadmaps.

Real World Applications

Reliability is NOT a maintenance initiative. It is a business initiative. Over 6000 companies use the UE, in addition to over 4000 Certified Reliability Leaders (CRL) in place. Reliability involves managing value delivery and the functional assurance of assets while minimizing the effects of risk and failure. The UE allow users to deliver results technically, diversely, sustainably, digitally, inclusively, and more. UE GPS helps refine this journey and results.


All currently in service and IBM supported versions of Maximo.

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