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vFunction Architectural Observability Manager

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vFunction Architectural Observability Manager

By vFunction

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Catch Architectural Drift Anomalies Before Disaster Strikes

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OpenShift 4.3

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vFunction Architectural Observability Manager enables architects to assess, monitor, find, and fix application modernization issues before they result in a technical debt disaster - the first “shift-left” product for architects. The first application modernization solution to continuously monitor, baseline, detect and isolate critical application architecture anomalies.

Baseline, monitor, and alert

Baseline, monitor, and alert on architectural drift issues such as the detection of new services, new common classes found, service exclusivity changes, new dead code uncovered, new high debt classes identified and more.

Get notified

Get notified of architectural events immediately through various alert systems including Slack, email, and the vFunction Notifications Center.

Address architectural events to resolve issues

Once an architectural events are pinpointed, address them directly with your development team or use vFunction Refactoring Engine to resolve the issues.