VisionX powered by Smarttech247 - 24/7 MDR Platform logo

VisionX powered by Smarttech247 - 24/7 MDR Platform

VisionX powered by Smarttech247 - 24/7 MDR Platform logo
VisionX powered by Smarttech247 - 24/7 MDR Platform logo

VisionX powered by Smarttech247 - 24/7 MDR Platform

By Smarttech247

Smarttech247,, is a specialist Multi-Award Winning MDR Service Provider. Our trusted MDR Service integrates with your existing cyber-security capability, streamlines sec-ops workload, and reduces complexity and risk 24/7. Our customer first culture leverages AI and intelligent Automation tools to combine with Specialist Security Expertise and Operational Excellence.

Delivery method


Smarttech247 MDR Solution is designed to offload the security burden and expenses of an in-house SOC. As an extension of your organisation, we will simplify the complex, streamline operations, reduce your costs, help you manage your risk posture and meet your compliance requirements. We do this by bringing our experience and scale, leveraging best in class technologies, a relentless focus on operational excellence and a culture that puts the customer first in everything we do.

Fully managed 24x7x365 SOC

Our MDR solution is delivered with a dedicated team working globally and continuously monitoring your systems, 24/7. Our MDR is aimed at supporting your entire infrastructure and ecosystem, all by scaling your services and integrating with our technologies, powering your SOC Operations. Whether it is your Cloud (AWS/ Azure/ GCP and more) or On-Prem, we offer 24/7/365 monitoring and detection with advanced technology implementation.

Threat Monitoring & Detection

We employ advanced IBM QRadar: SIEM, SOAR and EDR to provide advanced threat detection, user behaviour analytics and advanced threat intelligence in real-time by ingesting over 500 log sources in an instance. Our industry-acquired knowledgeable machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies, indicators of compromise, and known attack patterns in record time make us the industry leaders for MDR.

Incident Response and Investigation

Our MDR Solutions provide lightning-fast incident response with an under 5 min MTTD and under 15 min MTTR. Our qualified SOC team are experts in leveraging underlying technologies and resolving critical incidents in under 30 minutes by limiting false positives <1%. We also include an investigation and analysis of the incident to determine the nature and scope of the threat, along with root cause analysis all available to visualise with our integrated VisionX Single Platform.

Reporting and Visualisation

Our MDR Service comes with an integrated Security Visualisation Tool - VisionX, aimed at providing a single pane of glass view for your entire SOC, making sure your endpoints and network are visible and monitored 24/7 by our highly qualified security team. VisionX is our next-gen solution that integrates swiftly with any technologies you bring and generates real-time reports and visualisation for your SOC teams.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

We are certified ISO27001, and we have integrated NIST Compliance Support in our SOC Visualisation Platform VisionX to simplify your organisation’s need to meet the complex regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our experts are qualified in governance and compliance, we are available 24/7 to help you achieve exceptional standards, helping you strengthen your cybersecurity operations.

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