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WaveStrong’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) deliver a 24/7 threat detection and fast response capability, fueled by threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting to reveal undetected threats faster while improving Security Operations Center productivity.

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With growing numbers of laptops, desktops and remote workers, sophisticated cybercriminals have even more entry points to your organization. Compounding the problem is the shortage of in-house security staff to protect organizations against these advanced attacks. Defending this expanding attack surface requires shifting from reactive solutions to a proactive, intelligence-based approach utilizing highly skilled, dedicated teams who delivers continuous monitoring, analysis, and rapid response.

Turn to WaveStrong

At WaveStrong we understand. For organizations to successfully defend against attacks, they need a trusted partner to continuously monitor their network and endpoints, provide visibility, automate response actions, hunt threats for malicious activity and apply the latest threat intelligence cultivated from incident response (IR) experience. With over 22 years of service integration experience, WaveStrong is uniquely qualified to provide managed services leadership.

Threat Detection and fast response

WaveStrong’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) delivers a 24/7 threat detection and fast response capability, fueled by threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting to reveal undetected threats faster while improving SOC productivity. WaveStrong’s AI-powered automation coupled with human-led analysis speed threat response across networks and endpoints in hybrid multi- cloud environments.

Endpoint, network and virus risks

WaveStrong MDR includes leveraging customer provided Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Network Detection and Response (NDR) tools to conduct detailed investigations, including WaveStrong’s proprietary Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) threat hunt library and next-generation antivirus for behavior-based blocking and continuous policy management.

More than technology

Technology alone will not ward off advanced attacks. WaveStrong’s Security Operations Centers (SOC) network, integrated infrastructure, deep expertise, and threat intelligence to deliver improved visibility and actionable insights for effective threat defense, including protection from zero-day threats.

Enhanced visibility and detailed investigations

WaveStrong leverages IBM’s world-class X-Force threat intelligence (included as part of IBM QRadar SIEM) and its incident response teams combine organic threat intel with analytics to provide muti-vector visibility and context to stop threats across networks and endpoints 24/7.

Consistent outcomes for future threat protection

With a focus on WaveStrong’s proprietary TTP threat hunt library, WaveStrong MDR finds threats more consistently than static indicators of compromise (IOC) and delivers outcomes regardless of the changing threat landscape.

Comprehensive security without complexity

WaveStrong MDR’s turnkey capabilities support organization’s existing endpoint and network security technologies, eliminating the need to rip and replace or risk vendor lock-in.

Rapid response and active blocking

WaveStrong MDR’s AI-powered automation, integrated SOAR capabilities, and on-going playbook lifecycle management enable automated and human response actions to proactively block threats.