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ZeroLock Self-Protecting Container

By Vali Cyber, Inc.

Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Protect your container workload from the inside. Self-protecting solution stop attacks while the container is active and running, not just at build time. ZeroLock self-protecting, self-managed (headless) solution stops ransomware, cryptojacking, and container contamination without impacting performance or the development process.

Runs on

RHEL 7, 8

Delivery method


Build secure OpenShift workloads using self-protecting containers that ensure execution of processes and functions within your container. Upon any intrusion or differentiation from those processes, ZeroLock SPC can alert you to a change in operations within seconds of it happening, stop the change in operations in real-time, and remediate any changes that were made due to the change of operations. Stop threats to your workload without impacting performance or changing the development process.

Ransomware/Cryptoming (Cryptojacking) Protection

The ZeroLock SPC includes AI/ML models that detect cryptomining and ransomware behavior. If a vulnerability in your container is exploited by an attacker, the ZeroLock SPC is automatically protected from attempts to launch cryptomining and ransomware malware.

Container Contamination Protection

The ZeroLock SPC automatically scans your container image at runtime and prevents foreign executables from being launched inside the container. This protection prevents cluster compromise, container escapes, and many other attacks.


The ZeroLock SPC automatically reverts malicious changes to container images and restores your container’s filesystem to remove any malicious tools added by an attacker.


The ZeroLock SPC prevents malicious attempts to disable or reduce the protection provided by the runtime agent on your container. The ZeroLock SPC protects itself from attacks that would remove security protections.

Alert and [ nothing | kill ]

The ZeroLock SPC has several automated responses that allow your container to log malicious activity, automatically kill malicious processes, and automatically restore the filesystem should your container be corrupted by malware.


Headless, self-managed, self-protecting solution for container workloads that runs as a separate process, which autonomously handles events non-interactively in the background without impacting performance on your systems.

Pricing summary

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One (1) year activation key

One (1) license per container

Ransomware protection

Cryptojacking protection

Container contamination protection

Lateral movement protection

App-control (only allowed applications may execute)

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