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        Big data
        AnzoGraph DB logo
        AnzoGraph DB

        By Cambridge Semantics

        Massively scalable graph database for analytics and data harmonization

        Argos Investigation & IBM watsonx logo
        Argos Investigation -

        By Cogniware

        The unique analytical system that can process large amounts of information from various sources, both within the company and outside it. Argos can handle structured and unstructured data (multimedia files) such as audio, video, images, and text documents. Using, you can connect to data in minutes, quickly get trusted insights and reduce your data warehouse costs.

        Axon logo

        By Keylane

        Axon An all-in-one SaaS administration platform empowering trust and operational excellence for Property & Casualty insurance companies.

        Bamboo Rose  Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail logo
        Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail

        By Bamboo Rose

        Connects all members of the product and supply chain community to drive value.  We increase efficiency and speed to market by managing all product categories on one platform and reduce risk with total visibility across all business units.

        Product for BigID logo
        BigID Data Intelligence and Discovery Platform

        By BigiD Inc

        Actionable Data Intelligence & Discovery across Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance

        Couchbase  Server logo
        Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition

        By Couchbase

        Develop with agility and deploy on any cloud, at any scale. Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.5 is a landmark release that’s built to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes improvements in the areas of security, observability, and auto-scaling.

        DataSprint logo
        DataSprint the Secure Accelerated File Transfer Management Solution

        By DOT Group Ltd

        Affordable professional-grade file transfer service. DataSprint is a pre-configured solution, including all the required IBM Aspera options, integration services for fast installation and secure, high reliability 24/7 operations. With speeds of up to 20Gbps it’s the smart choice for your high-speed file transfer needs at a fixed quarterly cost. Unlimited users. Unlimited data.

        Datastax Enterprise logo
        DataStax Enterprise

        By DataStax

        Built on Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, proven by the Fortune 100, and supports more NoSQL workloads - from Graph to Search and Analytics.

        Digital disease model logo
        Digital Disease Models

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Advanced disease models leveraging vast scientific, clinical, and IP data. Enable the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food products with a comprehensive perspective. Customizable and versatile, our models seamlessly integrate with client data, delivering unique and valuable insights to accelerate product advancements in the healthcare and nutrition industries.

        Content management tool logo
        Dynamic reports

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Dynamic Reports: An advanced data visualization and analytics tool presenting big data as interactive knowledge graphs. Enables timely, data-driven decision-making, offering deeper insights and revealing previously unknown links, unlocking data's full potential for pharma., Nutra. and F&B industry stakeholders.

        Eamli logo

        By Whitespace

        eamli - Optimise decisions for better outcomes. Achieve big-picture objectives with one data-backed decision at a time. Learn how eamli can help you save time, money, and frustration by improving operational efficiency.

        ESG Maturity logo
        ESG Maturity

        By C-MORE | Beyond the obvious

        Combining Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with in-depth expertise on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, ESG Maturity is a unique full-fledged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for sustainability management, which is capable of integrating the whole sustainability journey of an organisation and extending the analysis to its supply chains, clients and/or financial assets.​

        ESG Optimiser logo
        ESG Optimiser

        By Ikano Insight

        Simplify, consolidate and automate the capture, measurement, reporting and analysis of your ESG and business sustainability data. ESG Optimiser is an integrated software platform and toolkit that will completely manage your business journey to improved ESG and sustainability performance, reporting and disclosure, legislative compliance, waste reduction, energy savings and a future-proof business.

        EMMA logo
        Expert Multichannel Multilingual Analyst - EMMA

        By DATERA

        EMMA is cognitive search and content analysis platform developed by DATERA. It provides advanced search capabilities and the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data for insights and knowledge discovery. logo

        By ProphetStor helps enterprises optimize cloud resources, maximize application performance, and save significant cost without excessive over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources, meeting the service-level requirements of their applications.

        Foresight logo

        By EquBot Inc.

        AI Powered Smarter Investment Decisions based on hundreds of daily signals that provide key foresights on over 50,000 global companies and asset classes.

        InsightEdge logo
        GigaSpaces InsightEdge

        By GigaSpaces Technologies Inc

        Runs services and machine learning models in production, at extreme speed and scale, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid.

        Hazelcast Jet logo
        Hazelcast Jet

        By Hazelcast

        Build fault-tolerant and distributed data pipelines that transform and aggregate data in real-time data at constant low latencies. First-class support for Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Hazelcast and many other data sources and sinks.

        IBM Cloud Pak for Data logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Data

        By IBM

        An open data and AI platform that runs on any cloud. Deployable in hours and easily extendable with IBM and third-party services, it enables organizations to easily integrate analytics to speed innovation.

        Spectrum Protect Plus logo
        IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

        By IBM

        Protect your data with a modern data resilience solution that provides near-instant data replication and recovery.

        IBM Sterling Transformation Extender logo
        IBM Sterling Transformation Extender

        By IBM

        Automates complex transformation and validation of data between various formats and standards

        IBM Watson Studio logo
        IBM Watson Studio

        By IBM

        Build and scale trusted AI on an industry-leading modular, flexible and open platform

        IoTIMAX logo

        By Internet Sciences Inc.

        Internet Sciences' IoTIMAX Network Framework simplifies IIoT planning. It integrates device, software, and network lifecycle management from various manufacturers. Its custom solutions optimize performance, design, configuration and security. Its data integration enhances analytics and throughput, encryption and access protocols to ensure robust security.

        KSM AI platform logo
        KSM Scientific Intelligence Platform-KSIP

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        KSIP platform is an AI-driven platform that analyzes data from millions of scientific and clinical trial documents to identify synergistic drug combinations or new uses for existing or failed drugs (drug repositioning). We also develop formulations of these products at our CDMO facility to supply finished products to our customers. We help companies with identifying 'second medical use' claim IP.

        leoloXCDC logo
        leoloXCDC - Informix Change Data Capture Application

        By leolo IT

        The leoloXCDC is a reliable and low-impact solution for capturing data changes of Informix database systems, offering ease of use and flawless integration with BI systems. For systems running 24 hours a day, xCDC can be operated continuously. After capturing a configured amount of data xCDC publishes it automatically.

        MinIO Hybrid Cloud Object Storage logo
        MinIO Multi-Cloud Object Storage

        By MinIO

        A high-performance, Kubernetes-native object storage suite.

        OSI logo
        OSI - Operations and Service Insights

        By Ibis Solutions

        OSI is a unique comprehensive next-generation AI-enabled service and application management platform, which helps clients to manage increasingly complex IT and network infrastructures end to end in real-time, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of customer service. It is next generation solution that gives the visibility you require and the power to act and react quickly and easily.

        ProPM logo
        ProPM fast tracks your Financial Planning and Analysis

        By ProStrategy

        Fast-track your FP&A Transformation with ProPM ProStrategy solution sets up your system using pre-built modules that by-pass the time-consuming and risk-prone stages of conventional EPM transformation. Standard modules include: Integrated Financial Planning & Reporting Operating Expense Control Sales & Margin Planning Headcount Planning Capital Expense Planning & Profitability Analysis

        PS CLEMENTINE PRO logo

        By Predictive Solutions Sp. z o.o.

        Modern data mining and big data analysis environment. The multi-functional interface facilitates process and group work management.

        PSE Business Statistics logo
        PSE Business Statistics

        By PSE

        As part of the repetitive PSE Business Statistics offer based on IBM SPSS Statistics, PSE includes overall solution architecture design, training to specific end users roles, functional support to end users, technical support to end users, upgrade services, and reusage of automation tasks to improve user productivity.

        Real-Time Continous optimization by Granulate logo
        Real-Time Continuous Optimization by Granulate

        By Granulate

        Granulate employs real-time continuous performance optimization to allow organizations to handle compute workloads with 60% fewer servers while improving performance by 40%, with no code changes required.

        Red Hat Container Storage logo
        Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

        By Red Hat

        Dynamic, shared, and highly available storage for OpenShift applications

        Redis Labs Enterprise logo
        Redis Enterprise Software

        By Redis Enterprise

        A real-time data platform with high performance caching. The best version of the most loved database in the world. Combine your caching layer with a real-time database to provide instantaneous access to API responses, session data, and DBMS data.

        Robin Storage logo
        Robin Cloud Native Storage


        Robin Cloud Native Storage is a purpose-built container-native storage solution that brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift.

        MemSQL logo

        By SingleStore

        Cloud-native, operational database built for SPEED, SCALE and SQL. 10X the performance at 1/3rd the cost of traditional database providers.

        Smart Analytics Feedback Management logo
        Smart Analytics Feedback Management Solution embedded SPSS

        By Smart Analytics, Inc.

        Smart Analytics provides Enterprise Feedback Management Solution for digital analytics management solutions with SPSS statistical data analytics solutions.

        SPSS Data Science & Stats Universe logo
        SPSS Data Science and Statistics Universe

        By Smart Vision Europe Ltd

        A comprehensive catalogue of fully documented on demand and self paced training programs and additional analytical product functions that enhance the IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler Suite of products.

        Starburst Data logo
        Starburst Enterprise

        By Starburst Data, Inc

        A fully supported, production-tested and expanded distribution of the open source Trino query engine. Built to ensure query security, performance, and connectivity to meet the needs for big data access at scale.

        tech Mahindra data security powered IBM logo
        Tech Mahindra Data Security Service


        Tech Mahindra Data Security Service powered IBM is a Comprehensive solution designed to handle the complexities and address the increasing difficulties in protecting confidential data, The powerful data activity monitoring features of IBM Guardium are its fundamental component. The platform examines data access and usage trends throughout the company using machine learning.

        Uptime Elements GPS logo
        Uptime Elements Global Positioning System Assessment - UE GPS Assessment


        Does your company need reduced safety incidents, improved financial results, or better asset performance? If so, you need UE GPS. It is a reliability and asset management assessment tool based on Reliabilityweb's Uptime Elements (UE). The UE's aim is to advance an organizations reliability journey. UE GPS is designed to empower your team to unlock extraordinary value for your organization.