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        AnonTech ViziVault logo
        AnonTech ViziVault

        By AnonTech

        Secure & manage personal information and comply with data privacy regulations with ViziVault by AnonTech.

        AnzoGraph DB logo
        AnzoGraph DB

        By Cambridge Semantics

        Massively scalable graph database for analytics and data harmonization

        APOLLO logo

        By Virtivity GmbH

        Optimize your business with APOLLO! Powered by IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), APOLLO ist an integrated planning solution for P&L and cash flow planning based on ready-made parameterizable templates and business best practices. Due to the predefined scenarios, the solution can be implemented in a short time and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized businesses.

        Axional Projects logo
        Axional Projects

        By Deister Software

        Axional Projects is designed to help just getting the whole overview of the company activity, while easing the delegation of tasks and goals. The team and the manager knows at each moment what is expected, when and which are the duties charged, overdue or finished.

        Claranet Managed Informix Service logo
        Claranet Managed Informix Service

        By Claranet

        Ensuring your data is secure and that your databases are optimised for performance and availability could be the difference between success and failure. Claranet offer a proactive Informix management service for businesses seeking a hassle-free and optimised database management.

        CockroachDB Operator logo

        By Cockroach Labs

        CockroachDB is a cloud-native, distributed SQL database. It implements a standard, developer-friendly SQL interface and provides linear, automated scale for your data without the labor intensive overhead of manual sharding.

        Couchbase  Server logo
        Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition

        By Couchbase

        Develop with agility and deploy on any cloud, at any scale. Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.5 is a landmark release that’s built to take advantage of the latest Kubernetes improvements in the areas of security, observability, and auto-scaling.

        Test Data Management with Data Mask logo

        By Crestt sp. z o.o.

        Enterprise solution for data masking/anonymization (part of GDPR requirements), based on IBM Optim platform, with addons and best practices prepared and validated by Crestt company. As a result - non-production environments can be refreshed and ready-to-use in hours, not weeks.

        Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes logo
        Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes

        By Crunchy Data

        Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is the leading Kubernetes native Postgres solution. Built on PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes gives you a declarative Postgres solution that automatically manages your PostgreSQL clusters.

        Datastax Enterprise logo
        DataStax Enterprise

        By DataStax

        Built on Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, proven by the Fortune 100, and supports more NoSQL workloads - from Graph to Search and Analytics.

        DBmarlin logo

        By Application Performance Ltd

        Improve your database performance across multiple database technologies. Spot the impact of changes. Help developers, testers, DevOps, CloudOps, SRE and DBAs understand where database resources are being used and how to improve performance at all stages of the development lifecycle. Integrate with IBM INSTANA for end-to-end & deep monitoring as well as your CICD tools to accelerate releases.

        Digital disease model logo
        Digital Disease Models

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Advanced disease models leveraging vast scientific, clinical, and IP data. Enable the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food products with a comprehensive perspective. Customizable and versatile, our models seamlessly integrate with client data, delivering unique and valuable insights to accelerate product advancements in the healthcare and nutrition industries.

        DSAIL logo
        DSAIL - Domain-Specific AI Language

        By Jaxon AI

        DSAIL systematizes the procedure of crafting intricate AI systems. It arranges diverse components like metadata, abstract concepts, requirements, and overarching frameworks. By simulating model performance, individuals can delve into design trade-offs and achieve the correct architecture from the outset.

        Content management tool logo
        Dynamic reports

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Dynamic Reports: An advanced data visualization and analytics tool presenting big data as interactive knowledge graphs. Enables timely, data-driven decision-making, offering deeper insights and revealing previously unknown links, unlocking data's full potential for pharma., Nutra. and F&B industry stakeholders.

        Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres logo
        Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes

        By Fujitsu

        Deploy an Enterprise Grade PostgreSQL with the flexibility of a hybrid cloud solution combined with industry leading security, availability and performance. Available as a multi-architecture container built for amd64, s390x and ppc64le

        InsightEdge logo
        GigaSpaces InsightEdge

        By GigaSpaces Technologies Inc

        Runs services and machine learning models in production, at extreme speed and scale, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid.

        Government Estimates Update System logo
        Government Estimates Update System

        By Excelerated Consulting

        Excelerated Consulting’s Government Estimates Update System (GEUS) is a TM1/Planning Analytics application that has been developed to satisfy the external budgeting and reporting requirements of Australian Commonwealth agencies. The system incorporates annual estimates, monthly estimates, and monthly actuals, modules.

        RHM - Hazelcast IMDG logo
        Hazelcast Fast Data Store

        By Hazelcast

        The Hazelcast Platform fast data store provides a complete set of high-speed data management capabilities plus application runtime capabilities to help you build modern applications for data-intensive environments. From simple caching needs to more sophisticated distributed compute use cases Hazelcast have you covered

        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

        By IBM

        A set of integrated market-leading software designed to help solve your toughest operational challenges.

        IBM Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data logo
        IBM Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data

        By IBM

        An extension of IBM Db2 deployable on IBM Cloud Pak for Data or directly on RedHat OpenShift Cluster.

        InsightNavi SPSS logo
        InsightNavi SPSS

        By Samuraiz Corporation

        We sell IBM's SPSS combined with our own brand InsigtNavi.

        IoTIMAX logo

        By Internet Sciences Inc.

        Internet Sciences' IoTIMAX Network Framework simplifies IIoT planning. It integrates device, software, and network lifecycle management from various manufacturers. Its custom solutions optimize performance, design, configuration and security. Its data integration enhances analytics and throughput, encryption and access protocols to ensure robust security.

        leoloXCDC logo
        leoloXCDC - Informix Change Data Capture Application

        By leolo IT

        The leoloXCDC is a reliable and low-impact solution for capturing data changes of Informix database systems, offering ease of use and flawless integration with BI systems. For systems running 24 hours a day, xCDC can be operated continuously. After capturing a configured amount of data xCDC publishes it automatically.

        MongoDB Enterprise Advanced from IBM logo
        MongoDB Enterprise Advanced from IBM

        By IBM

        A robust, scalable, highly available document database solution that enables developers and supports mission-critical enterprise deployments.

        Nexer Maximo On Cloud logo
        Nexer Maximo On Cloud

        By Nexer Asset Management

        Nexer Maximo On Cloud provides private SaaS experience for Maximo Application Suite solution with full stack of services including licensing and Application Maintenance Support services.

        Orson Test Data Orchestrator (TDO) logo
        Orson - Test Data Orchestrator

        By Left Shift IT Ltd

        Generate test coverage & data requirements automatically from business rules, Automatically Mine matching Test Data, Auto-populate datasheets & test scripts, Feed data to any test execution tool or manual tests. Reduce manual effort in test by 50%.

        PALADIN Framework logo
        PALADIN Framework

        By OLAPLINE GmbH

        Customize your business with PALADIN! Powered by the IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), PALADIN offers a flexible framework for integrated analysis, reporting, and planning. Providing common components such as P&L, balance sheet, liquidity and turnover for customization, its versatility equally allows for highly specialized solutions, addressing unique requirements efficiently.

        Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB logo
        Percona Operator for MongoDB

        By Percona

        Automates the creation, alteration, or deletion of members in your Percona Server for MongoDB environment on Kubernetes. It also simplifies and automates out day-2 operations, such as backups and scaling.

        Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for XtraDB Cluster logo
        Percona Operator for MySQL based on Percona XtraDB Cluster

        By Percona

        The Operator is an open-source drop in replacement for MySQL Enterprise with synchronous replication running on Kubernetes. It automates the deployment and management of the members in your Percona XtraDB Cluster environment.

        Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Operator logo
        Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

        By Percona

        The Percona Operator for PostgreSQL automates the creation, modification, or deletion of items in your Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL environment.

        PLANNING& logo

        By HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. GmbH

        Make your planning transparent and efficient based on the leading solution from IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

        Redis Labs Enterprise logo
        Redis Enterprise Software

        By Redis Enterprise

        A real-time data platform with high performance caching. The best version of the most loved database in the world. Combine your caching layer with a real-time database to provide instantaneous access to API responses, session data, and DBMS data.

        Robin Storage logo
        Robin Cloud Native Storage


        Robin Cloud Native Storage is a purpose-built container-native storage solution that brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift.

        MemSQL logo

        By SingleStore

        Cloud-native, operational database built for SPEED, SCALE and SQL. 10X the performance at 1/3rd the cost of traditional database providers.

        SOCi Platform logo
        SOCi Inc.

        By SOCi Inc.

        SOCi is the only marketing platform that enables multi-location marketers to manage local search, social, reputation, and messaging and deploy a localized experience across limitless locations — all through one login. Multi-location businesses can establish a powerful local presence, increase local activation and adoption, and drive unstoppable business growth at every location using SOCi.

        Starburst Data logo
        Starburst Enterprise

        By Starburst Data, Inc

        A fully supported, production-tested and expanded distribution of the open source Trino query engine. Built to ensure query security, performance, and connectivity to meet the needs for big data access at scale.

        Time Machine logo
        Time Machine

        By Solution-Soft

        Create software virtual clocks that enable you to time travel your containers, applications and databases into the future or the past.

        TreeView logo

        By TROIA

        Drill down assets and locations easily with the advanced TreeView component. An intuitive user interface with simple functionalities drives you to work with assets, work orders and locations quickly and precisely.

        Kasten K10 logo
        Veeam Kasten Backup for Kubernetes

        By Kasten

        Kubernetes Backup and Mobility Kasten, a data management platform purpose-built for Kubernetes, provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and mobility.

        Zettaset Encryption for Kubernetes Containers - RHM logo
        XCrypt for OpenShift

        By Zettaset

        XCrypt for OpenShift is a software-only solution built to transparently protect data in OpenShift environments without impacting performance.

        YugabyteDB logo
        Yugabyte Anywhere

        By Yugabyte

        A highly resilient, scalable, and performant distributed SQL database for mission-critical transaction processing applications in any cloud or on prem environment.