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        SecurityHQ Managed Detection and Response logo
        24/7 Managed Detection and Response - MDR

        By SecurityHQ

        Rapidly identify and limit the impact of security threats and risks with 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response, powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration, automation & response tooling for investigation, threat hunting and response.

        Federated MDR logo
        Accenture Federated MDR

        By Accenture

        Discover real threats, trigger automated responses amidst chaos with Accenture Federated MDR; a branch of our client security operations team. A comprehensive coverage of services which includes, • Early Detection and Response • Security Monitoring On-prem/Cloud Infrastructure Security Monitoring SaaS Security Monitoring • Security Analytics and Automation

        Agora logo

        By Coliance Ltd

        Empower your business with Agora: the ultimate EDI transaction management solution. Experience the potential of our cloud-based platform with process monitoring and accelerated partner onboarding. Customize your involvement level and enjoy comprehensive management. Agora has you covered.

        Sumo Logic Kubernetes Observability logo
        Application Observability

        By Sumo Logic

        Application Observability delivers correlated full-stack visibility for managing the reliability of modern applications and monitoring the underlying infrastructure to deliver the best digital experience.

        AQUAMAN logo

        By AQUASIS - Sistemas de Informação S.A.

        Integrated Asset and Maintenance Management

        Atomic Workload Protection logo
        Atomic Enterprise OSSEC

        By Atomicorp

        Adds manageability, security, and compliance features to OSSEC, the world's most popular open source server intrusion detection system.

        AugurHPC Platform logo
        AugurHPC Platform

        By Ivy Open Source Technology

        Enable HPC users to efficiently manage the clusters. Quickly identify the issues which make jobs pending, resource wastage and even servers crashes. Provide both the admin and the R&D users a handy tool to build, run, use and optimize the HPC clusters.

        BlueChip Cyber Protection Force logo
        BlueChip SOC

        By BlueChip

        Enhance your cybersecurity measures with Blue Chip Cyber Protection Force! Boster your infrastructure security with a team of highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge threat detection technologies. Gain comprehensive visibility, proactive threat identification, and swift incident response capabilities.

        Claranet Managed Informix Service logo
        Claranet Managed Informix Service

        By Claranet

        Ensuring your data is secure and that your databases are optimised for performance and availability could be the difference between success and failure. Claranet offer a proactive Informix management service for businesses seeking a hassle-free and optimised database management.

        Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks logo
        Cognitive Assistant for Networks

        By Avanseus

        Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks (CAN), applies AI and machine learning to predict where a network is likely to fail next, and what to do before it happens.

        Compose Operation Platfrom logo
        Compose Operation Platform/Compose Collection

        By Compose IT Nordic AB

        Compose Operation Platform/ Compose Collections (CC) is a collection of ready to use scripts, advanced automation, reports and dashboards that Compose IT have developed to a useful toolbox. The main advantage of Compose Collection is that the user will be able to fully utilize Netcool Operation Insight (NOI) and WatsonAiops with only a few hours of training on the modules in Compose Collection.

        Coralogix logo

        By Coralogix

        Stateful Streaming Analytics for Observability Data Real-time insights and trend analysis for logs, metrics, and security data with no reliance on storage or indexing

        Managed IBM Cloud and IT Services logo
        Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services

        By Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services

        Improve customer experience, cost efficiencies and security while you grow your business with Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services. To compete effectively, businesses must be agile to meet consumer demand and keep pace with the competitive landscape. Our expert staff will provide the management and support required to meet all your Cloud infrastructure needs.

        CrowdStrike Falcon Platform logo
        CrowdStrike Falcon Platform

        By CrowdStrike

        Easily install and deploy Falcon Sensors to the control-pane and worker nodes running on Red Hat OpenShift platform 4

        Experis MSSP logo
        Cyber Security Siem-SOC and Automation E2E managed services 24x7x365

        By Experis Cyber LTD.

        Experis Cyber is the leading company in Israel in managed information security and cyber protection services. We are guided by the national cyber system and provide our customers with the latest protection. Our cyber protection services include E2E managed SOC services, an innovative control center, integrated with artificial intelligence, which provides an effective and fast protection system for

        Cyber Threat Defense logo
        Cyber Threat Defense

        By Cognizant

        Cognizant’s Cyber Threat Défense platform provides an integrated managed security solution powered by IBM Qradar on Cloud, ServiceNow & Threat Intelligence platforms, that can scale to the volume of data while ensuring to provide a holistic view of your IT Security to detect adv threats, suspicious user activity, policy violations, & helps you focus on protecting your business against attacks.

        CYBERSOC logo
        Cybersecurity Services


        The service includes the correlation of events, monitoring, administration and support of the client's security platforms, the service is 24x7 and the SLAs will be defined together with each client.

        Cybros Fusion Center logo
        Cybros Fusion Center

        By Cybros

        Revolutionize your threat defense with our Managed Security Services, offering an AI-driven cybersecurity convergence for peak operational efficiency and unmatched strategic protection.

        Datadog logo

        By Datadog

        Monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications that aggregates data across your entire stack with 400+ integrations for troubleshooting, alerting and graphing.

        DBmarlin logo

        By Application Performance Ltd

        Improve your database performance across multiple database technologies. Spot the impact of changes. Help developers, testers, DevOps, CloudOps, SRE and DBAs understand where database resources are being used and how to improve performance at all stages of the development lifecycle. Integrate with IBM INSTANA for end-to-end & deep monitoring as well as your CICD tools to accelerate releases.

        Dynatrace_RHM logo

        By Dynatrace

        Provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation logo

        By ProphetStor helps enterprises optimize cloud resources, maximize application performance, and save significant cost without excessive over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources, meeting the service-level requirements of their applications.

        Fingertip logo

        By Peacock Engineering Ltd

        Fingertip extends your Maximo installation into the field - any site, any location, any asset. Providing knowledge where it's needed - extend your EAM into the field.

        HeadSpin Platform logo
        HeadSpin Platform

        By HeadSpin

        Conduct pre and post release app testing on real devices around the world and get ML-based insights and recommendations into user experience issues. Be it mobile app testing or browser testing, HeadSpin Platform offers it all!

        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

        By IBM

        A set of integrated market-leading software designed to help solve your toughest operational challenges.

        IBM Observability by Instana logo
        IBM Instana Observability

        By IBM

        An observability solution built for microservices that enables IT Ops to build applications faster and deliver higher quality services by automating monitoring, tracing and root cause analysis. The solution is optimized for OpenShift.

        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection logo
        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection

        By IBM

        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection is an expertly crafted AI Recipe to analyze multivariate time series data such as sensor data. These innovative AI Recipes predict lower and upper values, encapsulating the target variable or signal within the user's specified probability or confidence level. Any deviation of the measured target variable outside this interval is identified as an anomaly.

        IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers logo
        IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers

        By IBM

        An Intelligent Analytics accelerator that empowers you effortlessly generate and deploy analytic models without coding. Calculate critical KPIs such as CO2 Equivalent Emissions, Harmonic Anomaly, Energy Loss, and Health Score. Transform your approach to asset management with proactive, data-driven decision-making, streamlined operations, longevity and sustainability of electric transformers.

        Qrtime logo

        By Platin Bilisim A.S.

        Our Time Stamper Solution (QRTime) is to stamp the Qradar or Guardium log files, providing the integrity of logs.

        Spectrum Protect Plus logo
        IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

        By IBM

        Protect your data with a modern data resilience solution that provides near-instant data replication and recovery.

        IMT Managed MDM for Healthcare and Government logo
        IMT Managed MDM for Healthcare and Government

        By IMT

        IMT Managed MDM for Healthcare and Government provides full management and monitoring of your MDM solution on premise, or in the cloud.

        Insurance Claims Bot logo
        Insurance Claims Bot

        By Tovie AI

        Enhance customer experience using an Insurance Claims Bot: boost the rate of successful insurance claim processing at the first call

        iX logo
        iX GENIE

        By imaginX

        GENIE is one of the top enterprise AR solutions, that uses AR work instructions at scale to improve frontline worker productivity. With iX Genie, you can display high-polygon content, stream full AR or VR apps, and support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets with cross-platform compatibility.

        IBM QRadar Siem-Soc Solution logo
        Managed 24/7 SOC

        By 2BSecure

        2BSecure Managed Siem Soc 24/7 solution using IBM QRadar. Detecting, Investigating and Reporting alerts on your environment and sensitive data.

        SOCaaS logo

        By S21Sec

        Companies of all sizes face the challenge of detecting and responding to breaches on-time when they occur. By mean, it takes to companies an average of 197 days to detect a security breach.

        Managed SOC Services logo
        Managed Security Operations Center Services

        By IS4IT GmbH

        The Security Operations Center identifies potential threats and recommends countermeasures to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks. The primary goal of a SOC is to ensure comprehensive monitoring and analysis of information security to early identify and address potential security incidents. Effective integration into the client's Security Incident process is crucial for its effectiveness.

        Managed Security Service Provider logo
        Managed Security Service Provider

        By NovaRed

        Monitoring with Qradar. is the security monitoring service that includes alerts and 24/7 performance, its purpose is to manage alerts generated on client platforms; These alerts are analyzed by Level 1 security analysts and, if necessary, an analysis by Level 2 analysts. The service is provided with World Class tools.

        Managed Security Service logo
        Managed Security Services

        By Presidio

        Presidio’s Managed Security Service delivers a team of security analysts monitoring your environment 24x7, using state-of-the art QRadar SIEM technology from IBM, detecting and responding to threats in real time, keeping your organization secure.

        Maximo Express Platform logo
        Maximo Express

        By AIUT

        Ready to use, cloud based Asset Management solution, built on IBM Maximo for quick deployment of predefined, standards-based business processes and best practices.

        Navigator logo
        Nastel Navigator

        By Nastel Technologies

        Middleware administration & monitoring for MQ, Kafka, Tibco, IIB/ACE. Single GUI for management of multiple middleware; supporting deployment, migration, secure self service, monitoring, and auditing.

        XRay logo
        Nastel XRay

        By Nastel Technologies

        Business and IT operational monitoring, alerting and analytics by capturing, storing, analysing & reporting on data from all middlewares & applications across any business transaction to achieve SLAs & problem diagnostics.

        Nethopper Multi-Cloud Application SaaS logo
        Nethopper Kubernetes Application Operations - KAOps - Platform as a Service

        By Nethopper is pioneering KAOps, a Kubernetes Application Operations platform as a service for DevOps, with the mission of making Cloud Native applications easy to configure and operate across hybrid, edge, and multiple clusters and clouds.

        NeuVector Operator logo
        NeuVector Full Lifecycle Container Security

        By NeuVector by SUSE

        Offers the only cloud-native Kubernetes security platform delivering uncompromising end-to-end protection from DevOps vulnerability protection to automated run-time security, and featuring a true Layer 7 container firewall.

        OpsAlerts logo

        By Orb Data

        Manage the complexity of modern Applications and Business Services

        OSI logo
        OSI - Operations and Service Insights

        By Ibis Solutions

        OSI is a unique comprehensive next-generation AI-enabled service and application management platform, which helps clients to manage increasingly complex IT and network infrastructures end to end in real-time, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of customer service. It is next generation solution that gives the visibility you require and the power to act and react quickly and easily.

        PALADIN Framework logo
        PALADIN Framework

        By OLAPLINE GmbH

        Customize your business with PALADIN! Powered by the IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), PALADIN offers a flexible framework for integrated analysis, reporting, and planning. Providing common components such as P&L, balance sheet, liquidity and turnover for customization, its versatility equally allows for highly specialized solutions, addressing unique requirements efficiently.

        PLANNING& logo

        By HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. GmbH

        Make your planning transparent and efficient based on the leading solution from IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

        Red Hat 3scale API Management logo
        Red Hat 3scale API Management

        By Red Hat

        Red Hat 3scale API Management is an award winning platform that gives you the control, visibility and flexibility you need to create and deploy an API program.

        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management logo
        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

        By Red Hat

        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes provides end to end management visibility and control to manage your cluster and application lifecycle, along with security and compliance of your entire Kubernetes fleet.

        rKube logo

        By PowerM

        rKubeIO hub empowers digital transformation with modules for app lifecycle, from refactoring to security. It modernizes monolithic apps into microservices and offers Hybrid Cloud Management for private and public clouds.

        SafeDeploy logo
        SafeDeploy MonaX

        By SafeDeploy

        Eliminates the business impact of software issues in production

        Camelot Secure logo
        Secure 360

        By DigiFlight, Inc.

        Secure360 allows the customer to have a 360 approach to Cyber Security. Leveraging IBM/RedHat products Secure 360 allows a customer to anticipate the attackers mindset and respond quickly. Secure 360 helps to secure a companies cyber infrastructure.

        Security Operation Center logo
        Security Operation Center Services

        By HWG S.r.l.

        Our solution proactively monitor your digital environment 24x7x365 to identify a threat or a system breach and activate containment and eradication activities through the incident response phase.

        Sensu logo

        By Sumo Logic

        IT Infrastructure & application monitoring for dynamic cloud environments that enables monitoring-as-code for any cloud — from bare metal to Kubernetes.

        Servizi di Cyber Security logo
        Servizi di Cyber Security

        By Yarix srl

        Yarix is a company of VAR Group, and it's the competence center for Security. They have in place a SOC based on owned and managed server, from that they delivere their services. Last year they bough as first set of Qradar license. Now they have the option for an enlargement. The discount is required in order to be in line with the offering of Yarix competitorì, based on Splunk solution.

        SIEM logo

        By Oi Soluções

        Security Information and Event Management - DETECTS ADVANCED THREATS - ADDRESS REGULATORY NEEDS - CONSOLIDATES DATA LOGS - IMPROVES RISK PREDICTION FOR THE BUSINESS - SOC (Security Operations Center) service provided by Oi Soluções.

        Trustnet TSOC logo
        SIEM/SOC Services

        By Trustnet

        TrustNet’s security center is dedicated to innovation and focused on managing and responding to cyber incidents 24/7. Our services provide end-to-end protection with all the benefits of a local SOC. We will provide a channel of command to respond to abnormal incidents and keep you safe 24/7 Around-the-clock monitoring, providing immediate analysis and response to security incidents.

        Syscon Analytics logo
        Syscon Analytics

        By SYSCON Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH

        Individual and flexible planning at the highest level

        Sysdig Monitor logo
        Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform

        By Sysdig

        Confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift and cloud. Scan images, flag misconfigurations, detect threats, validate compliance, and monitor performance. Built on an open-source security stack, Sysdig is radically simple to run and scale.

        tech Mahindra data security powered IBM logo
        Tech Mahindra Data Security Service


        Tech Mahindra Data Security Service powered IBM is a Comprehensive solution designed to handle the complexities and address the increasing difficulties in protecting confidential data, The powerful data activity monitoring features of IBM Guardium are its fundamental component. The platform examines data access and usage trends throughout the company using machine learning.