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        STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo
        1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

        By Stash Global Inc.

        Accomplishes the previously impossible: turns the most damaging cyberattack of all, ransomware, into just another business problem that is solved with the click of a button without paying a cent (or cyber coin) of ransom. Zero Trust & Self-Healing.

        Workflow Delegate logo
        A3J Group Maximo Ninja Fix Workflow Delegate

        By A3J Group LLC

        Workflow delegates allow you to select a single person to receive all records that are sent to you via workflow in Maximo.

        AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration logo
        AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration

        By Aarna Networks Inc.

        AMCOP is an open-source platform for 5G network services and edge computing applications deployed on public or private Kubernetes clusters that orchestrates CNFs with a GUI frontend or REST API.

        APOLLO logo

        By Virtivity GmbH

        Optimize your business with APOLLO! Powered by IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), APOLLO ist an integrated planning solution for P&L and cash flow planning based on ready-made parameterizable templates and business best practices. Due to the predefined scenarios, the solution can be implemented in a short time and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized businesses.

        App Director logo
        App Director

        By Randoli

        App Director is a Kubernetes native CI & CD platform . App Director helps high performing teams ship software faster, scale sharing of best practices and improve their DevSecOps.

        AQUAMAN logo

        By AQUASIS - Sistemas de Informação S.A.

        Integrated Asset and Maintenance Management

        SPSS Statistics Base StudyPack logo
        asknet IBM SPSS Statistics Base StudyPack

        By asknet Solutions AG

        The asknet IBM SPSS Statistics Base StudyPack offers a comprehensive set of features that cover the entire analytics process. It includes essential stages like data preparation, descriptive statistics, linear regression, graph visualization, and report generation.

        ATS Power Cloud logo
        ATS POWER Cloud

        By ATS Group

        Custom cloud solutions backed by deep IBM® Power® skills to keep your critical AIX® & IBM i, and Red Hat® Linux systems running smoothly.

        AugurHPC Platform logo
        AugurHPC Platform

        By Ivy Open Source Technology

        Enable HPC users to efficiently manage the clusters. Quickly identify the issues which make jobs pending, resource wastage and even servers crashes. Provide both the admin and the R&D users a handy tool to build, run, use and optimize the HPC clusters.

        Axional Projects logo
        Axional Projects

        By Deister Software

        Axional Projects is designed to help just getting the whole overview of the company activity, while easing the delegation of tasks and goals. The team and the manager knows at each moment what is expected, when and which are the duties charged, overdue or finished.

        CENIT ECLISO logo

        By CENIT AG

        CENIT ECLISO ICN (ECLISO ICN) is the client application for IBM Content Management platforms and offers all functions for efficient information management without media breaks. ECLISO ICN is flexibly extendable and refines the IBM Content Navigator functions for end users in a useful way (license plate generator, EXCEL export, user and team selection dialog, etc.).

        Cognitive Managed Platform logo
        Cognitive Managed Platform

        By Blueit SPA SB

        Take a commitment to sustainability managing your IT environment, from the application layer to the infrastructure, reallocating proactively resources to reduce waste and improve application performance. Using Turbonomic and Instana hybrid cloud cost optimization tools Blueit enables you to reduce carbon footprint and you can do this in a fully managed platform and services using AIOps approach.

        Managed IBM Cloud and IT Services logo
        Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services

        By Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services

        Improve customer experience, cost efficiencies and security while you grow your business with Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services. To compete effectively, businesses must be agile to meet consumer demand and keep pace with the competitive landscape. Our expert staff will provide the management and support required to meet all your Cloud infrastructure needs.

        CrowdStrike Falcon Platform logo
        CrowdStrike Falcon Platform

        By CrowdStrike

        Easily install and deploy Falcon Sensors to the control-pane and worker nodes running on Red Hat OpenShift platform 4

        QRader , Incident Forensic , SOAR logo
        Cyber Fusion Center, CFC

        By Security Management Technology -SMT

        "SMT Cyber Fusion Center is not a conventional Security Operations Center, it's a powerhouse fueled by tech superheroes, engineered by SMT to a formidable defense." CFC has brought a new, innovative, It redefines Security Operations and Management by introducing cognitive systems built using Artificial Intelligence – Natural Language Understanding and Supervised Machine Learning

        Content management tool logo
        Dynamic reports

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Dynamic Reports: An advanced data visualization and analytics tool presenting big data as interactive knowledge graphs. Enables timely, data-driven decision-making, offering deeper insights and revealing previously unknown links, unlocking data's full potential for pharma., Nutra. and F&B industry stakeholders.

        EAM FlexCalendar Plus logo
        EAM FlexCalendar

        By EAM MaaS AG

        EAM FlexCalendar Plus is an integrated, easy to deploy Add-On and a revolutionary new way of visualizing data in Maximo or MAS Manage. The Add-On also allows you to create calendar links which users can subscribe to in their standard Mailing tools like Microsoft Outlook.

        EDA private cloud platform solution logo
        EDA private cloud platform solution

        By Shanghai Kaiyun Digital Technology Co., Ltd

        We have a good relationship with EDA, universities, medical, research institutes and big manufacturing. The cooperation with IBM can help to sell LSF and Scale software and get more project opportunities 2. To complement and enrich the IBM software functions to meet the customized needs of certain industry users

        Ensono Private Cloud Optimizer logo
        Ensono Private Cloud Optimizer

        By Ensono

        The Ensono Private Cloud Optimizer service leverages industry leading tools, coupled with Ensono Private Cloud expertise to deliver continuous optimization of cloud environments to deliver cost savings over time while preserving and improving performance.

        SHUTO IBM MAXIMO logo
        Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management System


        EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), which is a general term for enterprise informatization solutions for asset-intensive enterprises, Formerly known as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), it is computerized maintenance management system used in asset-intensive enterprises for the maintenance, maintenance, tracking and other information management of high-value fixed assets.

        EAM as a Service logo
        Enterprise Asset Management as a Service

        By COSOL

        EAM as a Service (EAMaaS) is an industry focused, holistic asset management solution, delivered through an all-inclusive SaaS platform that combines EAM, mobility, GIS and digital engineering. This solution applies a combination of technical and asset management strategy expertise to ensure EAMaaS is aligned with industry bestpractice and configured to deliver business value from the outset.

        ESG Maturity logo
        ESG Maturity

        By C-MORE | Beyond the obvious

        Combining Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with in-depth expertise on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, ESG Maturity is a unique full-fledged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for sustainability management, which is capable of integrating the whole sustainability journey of an organisation and extending the analysis to its supply chains, clients and/or financial assets.​

        ESG Optimiser logo
        ESG Optimiser

        By Ikano Insight

        Simplify, consolidate and automate the capture, measurement, reporting and analysis of your ESG and business sustainability data. ESG Optimiser is an integrated software platform and toolkit that will completely manage your business journey to improved ESG and sustainability performance, reporting and disclosure, legislative compliance, waste reduction, energy savings and a future-proof business.

        ExpressConnect logo

        By MobileKraft

        ExpressConnect is an innovative systems integration add-on platform embedded within TRIRIGA. It facilitates industry standards-based data exchange and provides a central point for managing request-response or event-driven data exchange scenarios.

        FertilityAnswers logo
        FertilityAnswers Mobile App - AI-enabled Fertility Engagement Platform

        By Ovum Medical

        Ask free fertility questions of 400-board certified medical professionals available on iOS and Android, in English and Spanish. Leverage AI to search 90,000 pieces of clinically validated content. Connect to a live fertility advocate for free. Receive personalized, AI matches to health care solutions and book telehealth appointments covered by insurance. Access the app for free.

        Finclude logo
        Finclude - Transforming Consumer Credit based on transactional behavior

        By Finclude

        Finclude provides a pioneering pan-European credit scoring system, enabling businesses, especially in the financial sector, to evaluate consumers universally based on transactional behavior, even without a credit history. Revolutionize credit assessments and unlock expansive market opportunities with our cutting-edge solutions.

        IBM CloudPak for Security logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Security

        By IBM

        IBM Cloud Pak for Security can help you gain deeper insights, mitigate risks, and accelerate response. With an open security platform that can advance your zero trust strategy, you can use existing investments while leaving your data where it is.

        IBM Cloud for Education logo
        IBM Open Labs Education

        By IBM

        Offers a portfolio of IBM Education solutions delivered through IBM Open Labs credits, targeted at supporting academic computing, classroom instruction, and student and faculty learning needs.

        InsightNavi SPSS logo
        InsightNavi SPSS

        By Samuraiz Corporation

        We sell IBM's SPSS combined with our own brand InsigtNavi.

        iX logo
        iX GENIE

        By imaginX

        GENIE is one of the top enterprise AR solutions, that uses AR work instructions at scale to improve frontline worker productivity. With iX Genie, you can display high-polygon content, stream full AR or VR apps, and support AR/VR glasses, smartphones, and tablets with cross-platform compatibility.

        Krista logo
        Krista AI Integration Platform

        By Krista Software

        Krista enables you to integrate and operationalize any AI into your business. Krista's conversational user experience, and an Artificial Intelligence Integration Platform as a Service (AI iPaaS) helps automate and optimize employee and customer digital workflows.

        KSM AI platform logo
        KSM Scientific Intelligence Platform-KSIP

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        KSIP platform is an AI-driven platform that analyzes data from millions of scientific and clinical trial documents to identify synergistic drug combinations or new uses for existing or failed drugs (drug repositioning). We also develop formulations of these products at our CDMO facility to supply finished products to our customers. We help companies with identifying 'second medical use' claim IP.

        KubePlus logo
        KubePlus SaaS manager

        By CloudARK, Inc.

        Turn-key solution to deliver any containerized application as a service.

        LucidLink Filespace logo
        LucidLink Filespaces

        By LucidLink

        A cloud-native file system backed by cloud object storage, uniquely designed to mitigate latency and mount COS as a local drive.

        Make Music Count logo
        Make Music Count

        By Make Music Count

        Make Music Count is a math curriculum and app taught through playing songs on the piano. Students through the help of Watson Assistant to solve math equations where the answers are musical notes. Once all the questions are answered, the notes are highlighted on the piano. Students then play their answers on the virtual keyboard while the original song streams in parallel.

        Managed Infrastructure as a Service logo
        Managed Infrastructure as a Service

        By DNA IT Slutions

        We provide managed infrastructure as a service to clients from all sectors. Built on the IBM Cloud, our managed IaaS service enables you to run your applications and workloads with as much or as little IT control as you want, from virtual servers to server less resources. You can even get fixed monthly costs for budget control or variable costs for ultimate flexibility.

        MaxiCloud logo

        By BPD Zenith

        MaxiCloud: The fully managed, cutting-edge EAM solution powered by Maximo. Flexible asset management and licensing with award-winning industry accelerators and exclusive enhancements, built-in. Secure infrastructure, support, and maintenance. Scalable and cost-effective asset management, AI-powered insights, real-time analytics. Streamlined processes for optimal performance

        MBSE & System Lifecycle Management logo
        MBSE - Model Based System Engineering

        By Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

        Systems engineering approaches, including model-based systems engineering (MBSE), have helped organizations better manage more complex product development.

        Multi Tenant Operator logo
        Multi Tenant Operator

        By Stakater AB

        Enables OpenShift and Kubernetes cluster administrators to host multiple tenants in a single cluster. Multi-tenancy enables efficient resource use, less configuration effort and easier sharing of cluster-internal resources.

        MxPickup logo

        By A3J Group LLC

        A3J Group’s material pickup solution, MxPickup, was built with the busy warehouse manager or employee in mind. MxPickup enhances the Maximo receiving process with superior tracking and issuing controls to make receiving large quantities of items and materials a breeze.

        New Generation Intelligent WhaleDI logo
        New Generation Intelligent WhaleDI Solution

        By Whale Cloud Technology Co Ltd

        Whale Cloud Technology (WCT) started its business in the domestic telecom operator software market 18 years ago, and then expanded into overseas markets. Whale Cloud has 3 main divisions, Cloud Service Division, Domestic Business Division and International Business Division. The cloud service department mainly provides MSP, cloud construction and operation for telecom customers.

        Nexer Maximo On Cloud logo
        Nexer Maximo On Cloud

        By Nexer Asset Management

        Nexer Maximo On Cloud provides private SaaS experience for Maximo Application Suite solution with full stack of services including licensing and Application Maintenance Support services.

        NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop logo
        NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop and CRM

        By NexJ Systems a business unit of N Harris Computer Corporation

        Most advisors need to juggle multiple applications to properly service a single customer. Advisor productivity and client experience suffer as individual tasks take longer to perform and mistakes are made. Advisors need a consolidated view of their customers with embedded tools and not just links to other applications. This is where an Integrated Advisor Desktop can make all the difference.

        Nice CXOne logo
        NICE CXone

        By NICE

        A cloud native, comprehensive platform and unified suite of CX apps that manages customer interactions across multiple communication channels. CXone is a complete, innovative platform that combines digital entry points, journey orchestration, smart self-service, prepared agents, complete performance, and artificial intelligence – all embedded with purpose-built CX AI.

        Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno logo
        Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno

        By Nirmata

        The Nirmata Enterprise for Kyverno is designed to address the needs of organizations running production Kubernetes clusters with critical applications. Nirmata, the team behind the #1 Kubernetes-native policy engine, Kyverno, provides its certified distribution of Kyverno along with curated policy sets and long term support

        Digital Resilience Platform logo

        By Red Sift

        Blocks phishing/spoofing attacks and increases deliverability of legitimate emails.

        PALADIN Framework logo
        PALADIN Framework

        By OLAPLINE GmbH

        Customize your business with PALADIN! Powered by the IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), PALADIN offers a flexible framework for integrated analysis, reporting, and planning. Providing common components such as P&L, balance sheet, liquidity and turnover for customization, its versatility equally allows for highly specialized solutions, addressing unique requirements efficiently.

        Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Operator logo
        Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

        By Percona

        The Percona Operator for PostgreSQL automates the creation, modification, or deletion of items in your Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL environment.

        PLANNING& logo

        By HENDRICKS, ROST & CIE. GmbH

        Make your planning transparent and efficient based on the leading solution from IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

        PopUp Mainframe logo
        PopUp Mainframe

        By PopUp Mainframe

        Empowering z/OS businesses to deliver changes faster, cheaper and better with on-demand environments, PopUp Mainframe comes packaged as a fully featured, optimized image which can be run on any x86 architecture, either on-premise or in the cloud. PopUp Mainframe provides a turnkey solution for non-production workloads (including dev, test, training, issue replication & troubleshooting).

        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management logo
        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

        By Red Hat

        Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes provides end to end management visibility and control to manage your cluster and application lifecycle, along with security and compliance of your entire Kubernetes fleet.

        Red Hat Application Foundations logo
        Red Hat Application Foundations

        By Red Hat

        Application Foundations includes frameworks & capabilities for designing, building, deploying, connecting, safeguarding, & scaling cloud-native applications. When combined with OpenShift®, App Foundations creates a platform for development and operations to build and modernize applications efficiently & securely while balancing developer choice & flexibility with operational control & security.

        Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated logo
        Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

        By Red Hat

        Managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters on AWS or Google Cloud backed by 24x7 Premium support and a 99.95% uptime SLA.

        Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform logo
        Responsiv Cloud Automation Platform - RCAP

        By Responsiv

        RCAP is a fully managed service Cloud Platform perfect for integrating and automating data, processes, workflows, and users on premises or cloud. RCAP capabilities include: • Process and workflow automation/orchestration • Enterprise integration, API libraries, and micro-services • Scalable, cost-effective pricing based on concurrent users, not functionality

        SDT- Secured Data Transfer logo
        SDT- Secured Data Transfer

        By Kun Computing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

        A tool to manage data or files transferring, betwee different network VLAN in the secure way.

        Camelot Secure logo
        Secure 360

        By DigiFlight, Inc.

        Secure360 allows the customer to have a 360 approach to Cyber Security. Leveraging IBM/RedHat products Secure 360 allows a customer to anticipate the attackers mindset and respond quickly. Secure 360 helps to secure a companies cyber infrastructure.

        Sirion logo
        Sirion CLM

        By Sirion

        Sirion helps enterprises manage the complete contracting lifecycle on a single, easy to use platform. AI-powered capabilities from smart contract authoring to auto-contract extraction. Get complete contract visibility with AI-powered extraction of legacy contract data, modern search tools and advanced analytics.

        SOCi Platform logo
        SOCi Inc.

        By SOCi Inc.

        SOCi is the only marketing platform that enables multi-location marketers to manage local search, social, reputation, and messaging and deploy a localized experience across limitless locations — all through one login. Multi-location businesses can establish a powerful local presence, increase local activation and adoption, and drive unstoppable business growth at every location using SOCi.

        Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform logo
        Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform


        Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform gives you everything you need to successfully get listed, start selling, and scale your Marketplace operations.

        TheLoanFactory logo
        TheLoanFactory - Cloud lending platform

        By Circeo

        Empower the digitalisation of your loan subscription and management activities, unlock new sources of revenue creation, and build lending experiences that your customers will love. Whether you are looking to launch a new lending activity or replace legacy systems, Circeo delivers a complete solution fit to your unique needs and requirements.