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CockroachDB is a cloud-native, distributed SQL database. It implements a standard, developer-friendly SQL interface and provides linear, automated scale for your data without the labor intensive overhead of manual sharding.

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OpenShift 4.6

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CockroachDB replicates data across multiple nodes so that even with the loss of a node or region, you can be sure data is always available and transactions can always be committed. It guarantees distributed, transactional consistency at local and global scale and provides the ability to tie data to a location so you can counter latency issues and comply with data privacy regulations.


Scale your database by simply adding new nodes and avoid any manual manipulation of data. CockroachDB automatically rebalances and replicates data throughout the cluster. CockroachDB implements a standard PostgreSQL API so it works with your current applications, aligns with your development approach, and empowers your developers. Run CockroachDB across multiple cloud platforms, or hybrid across clouds and on-prem data centers.


Architected to withstand any outage, CockroachDB gives your apps and services continuous access to data. If a machine, zone or region goes down, other CockroachDB nodes handle queries, without compromising correctness or availability. Perform rolling upgrades of the database, operating systems and machines, and keep apps online as you roll out new features. Simplify your architecture with a globally active database instead of relying on expensive, brittle active-passive configurations.


Begin by storing data in a single cloud region, and expand to multiple cloud regions as needed, all with a single CockroachDB deployment. Provide low-latency reads and writes everywhere so you can meet customer expectations for performance. Distribute and store data within geographic regions to comply with data domiciling regulations like GDPR. With just a few SQL statements, define survival goals for your databases so they handle AZ or region loss without impact to performance.


Designed and built from the ground up to help you take advantage of the scale and resiliency of the cloud, CockroachDB delivers a distributed, cloud-native database. CockroachDB is the only database that can be managed in Kubernetes, not along the side of it. Using StatefulSets, CockroachDB is a natural for deployment within a Kubernetes cluster. Simply attach storage however you like and CockroachDB handles the distribution of data across nodes and will survive any failure.

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