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Custodian Backup as a Service

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Custodian Backup as a Service

By Celerity Limited

A fully managed backup service that includes all elements required to deliver an end-to-end enterprise backup solution. It delivers against agreed retention policy and SLA's to meet required RPO and RTO objectives. A hybrid deployment that includes both on-premise and cloud-based compute/storage infrastructure, fully managed and maintained by Celerity.

Delivery method


A secure & powerful service for datacentre environments, delivers backup, restore & recovery for both virtual & physical servers. Options for bare metal, image level, file level & application-level backup & recovery services are provided, reducing day-to-day management & technical overhead of backup & recovery products associated with enterprise grade solutions. Dashboard & reporting features provide evidence that backups are working successfully, data is recoverable & key SLAs are being met.

Continuous Monitoring & Customised Alerting

Proactive 24x7 monitoring and alerting with customisable dashboards tailored for various teams/departments.

Celerity Service Desk Support

Operating to ITIL3 standards and managed by an experienced team of professionals, providing 24x7 front-line support with SLA-based response & resolution for your IT operations.


All software licences required, with the associated compliance requirements remaining the responsibility of Celerity for the entire solution (Software as a Service).

Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive monitoring and analytics for your virtual and physical environments at the infrastructure, backup, and application layer. Custodian delivers deep, intelligent monitoring, reporting and automation through interactive tools, so that you can be proactive in resolving problems before operational impact.


The service is SLA driven and can support multiple RTOs, RPOs and retention policies across the data set. Business critical systems can be protected with a flexible RTO/RPO model, capable of scaling up or down for less critical systems where appropriate. This flexible approach ensures all systems are appropriately protected in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


End-to-end encryption (AES 256-bit) is built-in and data reduction technologies such as compression, deduplication and WAN acceleration maintain their efficiency when used with encrypted backups. This gives you the ability to encrypt backup files and data at source, in flight and at rest.


In addition to standard backup monitoring and reporting, Custodian provides capabilities for capacity planning and chargeback. This allows you to forecast resource usage and utilisation trends to help with infrastructure planning. Additional backup proxies can be added to scale-out the required compute processing power and new storage can be added to existing or new repositories to scale-out the capacity.


The service has the ability to provide self-service file restore capabilities to users should this be required via a web UI, based on least privilege access.