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Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

EAM FlexCalendar Plus is an integrated, easy to deploy Add-On and a revolutionary new way of visualizing data in Maximo or MAS Manage. The Add-On also allows you to create calendar links which users can subscribe to in their standard Mailing tools like Microsoft Outlook.

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RHEL 7, 8

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The easiest way to create or view time-based events is to visualize them in a calendar view. EAM FlexCalendar provides that capability directly in Maximo/MAS. The configurable calendar control can be activated in any Maximo application. So, no matter what use case you have in mind, EAM FlexCalendar makes it possible. The configuration will be done using standard Application Designer in Maximo.


The Add-on is fully integrated and becomes a part of Maximo. Visualise and use calendars in Maximo. It uses the standard Maximo data structures and no additional middleware is required.


The calendar control can easily used and configured in the Maximo Application Designer. Dates can be edited directly in the calendar or simply displayed (e.g. work orders for asset components). Of course, data from different data sources can also be displayed (e.g. existing work orders as well as planned work orders from the forecast)

Interface with Microsoft Outlook

If you want to see your work order assignments in Outlook, on your mobile phone or any other calendar tool, use the Outlook integration. When the dates or time of an existing work order changes, your calendar will be updated automatically. This gives a complete overview of all your appointments.

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Unlimited usage in all classic Maximo and MAS Manage Applications

Configurable Outlook Integration

Configurable via Application Designer