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Certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor enables improving productivity and reliability in processes, and consistency in operations across sites through insights into work order data. This accelerator provides pre-built model templates, that apply generative AI technology, to Maximo Work Order data in the Maximo DB, and obtain recommendations on failure code classification, similarity, and approval.

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RHEL 7, 8

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Use pre-built Work Order model templates to obtain insights on IBM Maximo Manage Work Order data. Leverage the power of generative AI to do data augmentation where data gaps exist in training a model for identifying the problem code for a work order. Choose and configure a template to apply work order data and get AI-based recommendations added to the work order view. Accept recommendations in batch to bring automation to your processes and improve productivity.

Pre-built Model Templates

Use of model templates to build data specific models in a quick way.

Work Order Classification

Predict the most suitable problem code for a given work order. Includes training and deploying an AI model that is customized to the work orders present in Maximo Manage.

Work Order Approval

Predict which corrective maintenance work orders are likely to end in canceled or closed states. Recommend approval/rejection based on the predicted end state.

Work Order Similarity

Capture potentially duplicate work orders based on similarity analysis, including both textual and structural fields, to understand effective first-time fixes.

IBM Maximo Application Suite Compatibility

Compatible with IBM Maximo Application Suite v8.11 and all subsequent patches. Not currently compatible with IBM Maximo Application Suite as a Service.

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