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Certified enterprise ready

Robin Cloud Native Storage is a purpose-built container-native storage solution that brings advanced data management capabilities to OpenShift.

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OpenShift 4.4+

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Robin Cloud Native Storage brings high performance storage and application-aware data management to OpenShift. It is a Red Hat certified operator that installs natively on OpenShift and delivers block and file storage for stateful applications such as databases, data analytics, and AI/ML applications. Robin CNS provides a simple API for developers and DevOps teams so that they can easily manage stateful applications without having to become storage experts.

High performance at scale

Robin CNS delivers consistent high performance, even as the number of applications, and the size and number of persistent volumes grows.

High availability for data

Synchronous replication across failover domains such as disks, node, racks, data center, and availability zones provides HA.

Application-level backups

Protect entire applications (data+metadata+config) with backups to the cloud and recover applications with a single command.

Fast & lightweight snapshots

Robin CNS provides application-aware snapshots to help you quickly rollback to a previous point-in-time.

Multi-cloud portability

Easily move complex stateful applications between OpenShift clusters on-prem and on public clouds.

Dynamic scaling

Add or remove storage capacity as your needs change.

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Enterprise Support

Licensed for production use

Charged per node hour

Unlimited node and storage capacity

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