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TheLoanFactory - Cloud lending platform

By Circeo

Empower the digitalisation of your loan subscription and management activities, unlock new sources of revenue creation, and build lending experiences that your customers will love. Whether you are looking to launch a new lending activity or replace legacy systems, Circeo delivers a complete solution fit to your unique needs and requirements.

Delivery method


Build the lending platform of the future in a heartbeat by configuring performing front/middle/back-office and servicing workflows, all in one place. TheLoanFactory is a platform made with thousands of microservices able to combine functional capabilities as you go live and scale. Benefit from an absolute modularity and replace any feature with your own via integration.


Launch any retail loan and leasing product as you grow and scale. TheLoanFactory's configuration capabilities allows business experts to create, customize, and launch their financial products without the need of IT resources. Our clients currently use our platform for a wide range of products, from personal loans and leasing for vehicles, to mortgages and SME loans.


Runs on multiple channels such as branch, POS, dealerships, Internet, or mobile simultaneously, or independently. Borrowers can start a loan request in one channel and continue in another, you have a complete view of their progress in real time.


Manage multiple business units and entities from a single solution. Reduce administrative overhead and increase efficiency by providing a unified view of your organisation. Create new networks of dealers, branches, organisations, or users defining their roles, profiles, relationships, etc.


Easily deploy new locales when you decide to internationalise your activities and use any of the 10+ languages ready to be used. Each entity/user can choose their default language and generate documents in multiple languages where the legislation allows it.


Simple configurations driven by business experts enable speed to market and regulatory compliance. TheLoanFactory has been implemented in more than 15 countries around the world, each one with different regulations and specificities. All of these requirements have been met via configuration.

Secure, compliant, and reliable

TheLoanFactory is certified ISO 27001, it has been designed and implemented with robust security controls to protect against unauthorised access, data breaches, and other security threats. Additionally, it is hosted in IBM Cloud for Financial Services® which provides data security, regulatory compliance, and infrastructure optimisation specifically designed for financial services.