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Authenticate users and authorize access to your clusters and applications using a simple and automated approach. OpenUnison supports SAML2, OpenID Connect, LDAP and deploys with your existing pipeline infrastructure using GitOps.

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Automate your security and compliance and eliminate the "email shuffle" of gaining access to resources with a simple to deploy identity solution. Provide authentication and authorization for your cluster and applications with a lightweight system that deploys into your cluster using familiar OpenShift constructs. You've invested in automating your infrastructure, next automate your security and compliance!


Integrate your cluster and applications with LDAP, OpenID Connect, GitHub, SAML2 and multiple multi-factor authentication options including U2F, TOTP and DUO.


Separate your authorization from your centralized authentication providing you more control over who has access to which projects and roles in your cluster and applications. Workflows provide automated access requests eliminating manual provisioning processes.


Once users have access, how long do they still need it? Has their group changed? Their job function? Do you have compliance needs that need to be met? Automate those processes and let your SREs focus on your infrastructure instead of user management.

Self Service

Eliminate the email "Can I get access?" with a self service portal for user access and authorization. Users request access based on a catalog that is dynamically generated based on your data and not rebuilt for every application and role.


Use our APIs to access all of our features outside of the portal. The APIs can be authenticated via OAuth2, certificates or basic authentication.

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